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Summer Camp 2023 Pledge

Once again, it's this time of the year. The event that first pulled me back into writing and made me stay on World Anvil back in 2018. While in the last few years, we've been exploring various regions of The Pit of Call of The Tree, this year I've decided to return to my second world, When The Curtain Has Fallen (at least for now, it might change). And although this world requires tons of rewrites, edits, and changes, I hope you will like what I'll write for it during this SC.  


This will be the first year I'll write while going to work, so my creative time will be heavily reduced. Still, I'll try to shoot for the diamond as usual, but I won't be disappointed if time constraints prevent me from reaching it.  


Before the SC comes, I want to change this world's CSS. While I thought it looked okay/good in the past, I'd like to create something that suits it more and pulls readers in. For now, there are plans for the main CSS for the articles happening in the present of the world and an additional class for the world before the Extinction.  

First theme: POWER

POWER as a theme opens tons of options in the world of The Curtain, both after and before its fall. In the past, there were three organizations, The Faceless, ZODIAC, and The Creation Project, each with their living weapons that were supposed to stop the end of the world. After the apocalypse, there are new rulers of the world, the Lords sitting in towers marking their Domains.  

Second theme: FRONTIERS

FRONTIERS is another great theme for the world of The Curtain. Once the end of the world came and material and spiritual worlds collided, the geography of everything became weird. Instead of it being the same for everyone, the landscape changes depending on the memories of the traveler/-s. It's called the law of Familiarity. The more familiar the area is to someone, the more stable it stays, but any unknown places quickly become weird, warped, or just break the laws of reality. Even the Stabilizers, those for whom the world stays the same, will experience those mysterious places.  

Third theme: RELICS

Anything that survived the end could potentially be considered a relic. The technologies of the Three Organizations and The Prophecy, the places that stay the same among the ever-shifting world, the survivors of the old world.  


Since the end of the world split the remains of humanity, it's the task of the few brave souls who'll decide to venture into the unknown lands to restore the communication between the last settlements. And in some cases, it might be possible to stop conflicts with Spirits not with the weapons, but with the words. At least, when one decides to try to understand them and their alien thinking.   I wish you all tons of fun and creativity with the event. I can't wait to read your amazing articles.


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9 Jun, 2023 19:17

Good luck on your quest for the diamond badge! You've got this :D What's your favourite kind of article to write about?

Creator of the dark fantasy world of Melior
9 Jun, 2023 19:52

Thanks, TJ, and good luck to you too!   I guess I like to write about species the best, it just feels way easier to just fill the page with words when trying to come up with various creatures.