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Not many people have tried to go there where the light ends, and none of them have returned. I have considered following their steps, but even though I'm tired of my world, the universe is too beautiful to abandon. I don't know where I will go next, I never do, so I leave this journal here hoping that someone, maybe you, will use it for the benefit of all.
— From Min-aniara Laita's travel journal.
  The universe is a vast dark place, a darkness that is just occasionally interrupted by little stars that shine with powerful light and allow life to exist in some planets. Most of them, including the habitable ones, don't contain any kind of intelligent life. So far, four planets with sapient creatures have been located, excluding Minama, my home planet: Earth, Einya, Frasfu, and Kra. However, no contact has yet been formally established with any of the civilisations —and for good reason, as none of these planets are not as technologically developed as we are.  

Sapient species

Almost all the sapient species I have discovered so far, with the exception of Lightlings, have a body that can be considered minoid in some way. Einya, Kra and Earth have a single sapient race. Minama and Frasfu have two and three species, respectively. Of course, this does not take sparks into account, which are always present (in different degrees of activity) in all worlds, inhabited or not, nor magical variations such as wingbacks and changelings.  


Our galaxy has countless worlds, and we haven't explored all of them yet. Many of them are habitable, and five of them are inhabited by sapient species (including Minama, our home planet). We still haven't contacted any of the planets, either because their technological level is not enough or because we consider that they are not prepared to deal with an external civilisation. That's the official reason, at least —I think the MASE is just afraid of not knowing how these civilisations will actually react, which is a completely valid feeling.   In any case, the MASE regularly sends scouting teams to each of the known planets to study their cultures with the goal of making an eventual open contact easier for both parties. These scouting teams often work with certain local factions that are aware of our existence.  


Einya is a planet orbiting a star locally known as Maineia in the local international language. The planet does not have a moon, but is surrounded by planetary rings that are visible even during the day, turning the Einyan sky into a breathtaking view.   This planet, which has high resonance activity, has a single sapient species, humans. They have managed to colonise the whole planet (with the exception of the poles) and are currently in a pre-spatial era, studying how to safely send humans outside of their solar system.  
Generic article | May 9, 2022

One of the five known inhabited planets, divided into several cultures highly influenced by magic.


Earth is a planet orbiting a star locally known as Sun (among other names in different languages). It's part of a solar system with eight planets, of which Earth is the only habitable one.   Earth is similar to Einya in many ways. Their only sapient species is also humans, and they are in a pre-space era too (although having a moon has given them the opportunity to send humans outside the planet before Einya).   In spite of the nearly nonexistent resonance activity, some Earthlings have developed magical abilities. However, they keep them a secret, and with good reason. Humans in this planet tend to destroy anything that seems potentially too powerful, and they have a history of considering magic to be intrinsically evil.


Minama is an odd one, although I only realised that after leaving it. It's the only known inhabited planet that is tidally locked and part of a solar system with other habitable planets. They have all been colonised, although civil life on their surface can be tough due to the different atmospheric compositions.   This planet contains the only known civilisation to have developed fast space travel. There are two sapient species, which, after many long and bloody wars, managed to live together: minlings and wingbacks. Wingbacks are a magical variation of minlings, with their defining feature being an extra pair of limbs growing from their backs in the form of wings.   In Minama, magic is something that is not kept as a secret or a mystery. However, minlings have long abandoned the study of this discipline in favour of more advanced technology, which is, in my humble opinion, a mistake. Only wingbacks, who are, in general, uninterested in space exploration, keep the magical traditions alive.


Kra is the planet with the youngest civilisations; they have barely entered Bronze Age and most of the world is still unexplored. The planet has two natural satellites, often referred to as "The Twins" or "The Sisters", although their denomination varies from clan to clan.   The humanoid species in this planet are very similar to humans from Earth or Einya, although they have some differences. Another noteworthy race is the singers, which look like a giant spider with disproportionately long legs. Their name comes from their music-based communication. They seem to possess a high level of intelligence without reaching human-level sapience.   Singers take a huge part in the traditions of many of the clans, which often revere them as gods. They seem to be some kind of resonances, perhaps from the planet's intrinsic plane itself. My efforts to define them more specifically have so far been fruitless.


Frasfu orbits a start that is located relatively close to Einya's system (which is why they were discovered by the same spaceship). It's the most racially diverse planet, with nine different sapient species, none of which is a natural variation of another.   People of this planet believe in magic but very few people can actually perform it. On top of that, magic is seen as something to be avoided, and mages tend to be met with distrust.  

The spark of magic

The different worlds in the cosmos are wildly different from each other, but all of them are united by a kind of supernatural being called spark or resonant entity. Sparks are materializations of energy from an intrinsic plane that appear around physical elements with strong intrinsic planes or when a channeled accesses an intrinsic plane to channel energy.   In most cases, sparks are not self-aware nor intelligent, but they share the same mind as the element they come from. Although their presence offers a certain degree of resistance, anything can pass through their bodies with enough pressure without causing any kind of damage to the spark.   For reasons unknown, sparks are not visible in all worlds. Planets where sparks are visible nave a high level of resonance. The level of resonance has some degree of influence on how many people are capable of channeling, but it's not the only deciding factor.

Who wrote that?

Most of the texts from this world come from Min-aniara Laita's travel journal, where they documented their journeys on different planets and regions of the universe. Quotes, tables, images, and maps also come from their journal; if a piece of content is not written from their point of view, it will generally be written inside a box like this one, with a visible out-of-character marker.      

A note about time

Min-aniara made multiple visits to each world, which means that some information on their journals may be outdated or even contradictory. In some articles, it's stated that no world has been contacted, but Min-aniara was alive when the first contact was made. This is not an error; they just didn't go back to their old journals to correct the outdated information.  

Color coding

In order to easily distinguish which planet an article is talking about, each planet will have a different color scheme. This is the list of background colors for each planet:  
  • Pink (this page): general article that applies to the whole universe.
  • Orange: articles about Einya
  • Yellow: Articles about Minama
  • Green: articles about Kra
  • Brown: Articles about Frasfu
  • Cyan: Articles about Earth
All articles specific to one planet are also inside their planet categories. You can use the category tree in the world home page to confirm which planet an article is talking about.


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