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Earth is the third planet (and the only habitable one) in its solar system. Humans, with daemons, are the only sapient species, although some people claim that the Ancients should also be considered sapient. It's relatively isolated from interplanetary politics, although several factions of galactic scope are present in the world to some extent. Most inhabitants of the world are not aware of the existence of other civilizations outside Earth, but contact with specific Earthers has taken place.  


Humans are the only sapient species native to Earth—but it's a slightly different human than the one you would find in Einya. Next to most Earthers one finds a daemondaimoni, the physical manifestation of their consciousness. This, which could seem curious or strange to inhabitants from other worlds, is a natural and unquestionable part of all Earthers' life. Daemons always take on the form of an animal and are capable of speaking and thinking by themselves. Although they have physical presence, touching someone else's daemon without their consent is universally considered a big taboo.  
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  The following map shows Europe with national borders (in catalan). Use layers to see the borders of the Mediterranean Crown. Click on each country to see their name.  
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Astronomical name
Deep Blue-48c
Current year
Sapient species
Humans with daemons
Technological level
Steampunk with magic
Nearby astronomical objects
Moon (natural satellite)


Europe is the main area of focus on Earth—particularly in the Mediterranean Crown and its constituent country of Catalonia. These are the most important European countries:  

Mediterranean Crown

With Barcelona as its capital, the Mediterranean Crown encompasses almost the entire northern Mediterranean shore (from Gibraltar to the Balkans), as well as parts of northern Africa. It's a composite monarchy made up of sovereign states united under a single crown. In the past it was a feared military power, nowadays it's replaced its military power for commercial and diplomatic power. It has a strong alliance with the United Kingdom and the Empire, the other two large monarchies of the continent.

United Kingdom

One of the big allies of the Mediterranean Crown. Although it has relatively little territory in Europe, its overseas territories have significantly increased its commercial and military control over most oceans around the world. It frequently trades with the Crown thanks to its exotic imports, which it exchanges for Mediterranean products. Even with its increased power, it accepts the universal authority of the Empire to ensure its political stability, and it follows religiously the rulings and lawys of the Consulate of the Sea (controlled by the Crown).

French Republic

Slotted between three monarchies, France is a traditional enemy of both the United Kingdom and the Mediterranean Crown, and keeps cordial but wary relations with the Empire. Tensions are especially high with the Crown, with whom it shares its largest border: from Auvergne to Granada. Although they aren't at war currently, tensions around the strait of Gibraltar are raising and their border is one of the most tense areas in the continent.

Roman Empire

Often called simply Empire or by its official name of Holy Roman Empire, it's viewed in the social imaginary as the successor of the Western Roman Empire (although there isn't a line of succession). Even though it doesn't include Rome in its borders, the monarch has the title of Emperor of the Romans. Since 800, when it was founded, the Empire has gone through many changes both in their organization and territory, and recently became a global power thanks to its technological developments. The authority of the Emperor reaches far beyond the borders of the Empire, and he often acts as a mediator in international disputes.
Other Eropean countries
These are the rest of European countries. Countries that are part of the Mediterranean Crown are excluded.
Slavonia, Papal States, Hungarry, Iceland, Malta, Norway, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Sicily, Sweden, Switzerlands.

Other Factions

Order of Malta

L'Sovereign Military Order of Malta is a Catholic chivalry order focused on military and humanitarian matters that rules Malta as a sovereign entity and the Castellany of Amposta under the sovereignty of the Principality of Catalonia (and, therefore, the Mediterranean Crown). They have humanitarian missions in many other countries around the world, where they defend religious sites, escort bishops and cardinals, maintain hospitals, and protect the civilian population during wars.   Secretly, the Order operates a powerful spy network, mainly in Europe. The network serves the interests of the Order, the Holy See and, off-the-record, the Mediterranean Crown.

Arcane League

Headquartered in the Roman Empire, the League watches over the proper usage of arcanurgy all around Europe and the rest of the world. It's a civilian organization with links to the government of the Empire, and it promotes arcane research, gives council to companies and countries about arcane matters, and publishes quality standards as well as good etiquette policies. Additionally, it has an intervention unit in every European country to help the local security force in emergencies caused by a misuse of arcanurgy. The League is considered an authority in arcane matters—they manage the best schools of arcane studies and its members are responsible for most modern innovations in this field.
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Pact of Palermo

Logo of Palermo Deal by Ondo
The Pact of Palermo is a trading organization created by all countries with access to the Mediterranean after they signed the treaty of the same name. The Pact grants, among other things, the right of safe passage through the Mediterranean and Black Sea to all civilian ships, as long as they don't approach closer than 1 km to the shores of a country they aren't allowed to enter.   The organization of the Pact is dedicated to establishing Mediterranean quality standards and watch over the commercial interests of its members. It also has a security group that escorts the merchandise of the organization's members, as well as inspectors that ensure all rules are being followed and delegations in all member countries.


Freemasonry is an intetrnational secret brotherhood focused on humanistic and philantropic matters organized in groups called lodges. It's an organization dedicated to defending the humanistic values off freedom, equality and fraternity, and sees personal traits like religion, nation, or culture as irrelevant. Despite being an apolitical and non-religious organization, its relationship with the govevrnment of the world is often tense.   The high ranks of many Great Lodges are aware of the existence of other worlds and some are even in contact with some interplanetary organizations. They also keep very valuable secrets about certain aspects of arcanurgy and the planet's history, which historically has put them under the spotlight in conspiracies and political or religious persecution.

Interplanetary groups

The information in this section is completely unknown to most inhabitants of Earth.
  There are several groups from other planets with an active presence on Earth. These are the main ones:  
  • White Eye: they have a strong but completely hidden presence, although there are conspiracies about their existence (generally mixed with the Illuminati or other secret organizations). Their goals on Earth are unknown, but from time to time they perfom subtle interventions in matters both political and personal.
  • The Exiled Ones: they come from Frasfu and have a firm presence on Earth, necessary for their objectives, although they keep a non-intervention policy and don't have an interest in the day to day of human society. Their existence is known by a few people, generally heads of state and other important people.
  • Night Ghosts: they have a minimal but stable presence on the planet, especially in Europe. They aren't interested in local matters—their espionage missions are related to other organization or interplanetary travelers.

Magic and technology

Technological level

The current year is 1855, so the technological level is about what can be expected from the end of the 19th century, with the Second Industrial Revolution at full steam. Below there is some data about the technology available in the Mediterranean Crown that can be used as reference. In general, it's the technological typical to the 19th century, although some elements (like electricity) are delayed due to the existence of arcanurgy.
  • Steam engine: It has existed for several years. It's used in trains, ships, and heavy machinery, among other applications. Steam cars also exist, especially in rural areas.
  • Water: In cities, all modern buildings have running water, and many older buildings too. Outside of the big cities, especially in rural areas, running water is rare.
  • Electricity: It exists, but it has limited use. Some wealthy houses have lightbulbs, but due to the existence of arcanurgic lamps, lightbulbs are more of a curiosity and a sign of modernity than a truly practical object.
  • Communication: There are experiments with electric telegraphs, but for now the Omar Telegraph still dominates the field of long-distance communication.
  • Oil: It's known as a possible source of power, but it isn't used.
  • Zeppelins: They are a common long-distance transportation method in the middle and high class, and all large cities in Europe have an airport.
  • Weapons: Fire arems exist and the last important discovery in this field is the revolver. Carrying weapons in public spaces is forbidden, with the exception of nobles and hunters. The different police forces usually carry revolver carabines.


Arcanurgy is the name of the arcane art on Earth, and practitioners are called arcanurgists. It's performed by engraving the so-called words of power on a bar of arcanite (a tough material that becomes malleable when heated up) to give it a specific effect.   The words of power are simply words in the language of the arcanurgist, generally verbs or nous, which describe in a single word the desired effect. However, not all words are valid—only those accepted by an Ancient will have an effect. The process of accepting a word consists of leaving a piece of arcanite engraved with the word under an Ancient during one day and one night. If the next day the engraving is still there, the word is accepted. It's possible to combine various bars with diferent inscriptions to produce a compound effect: for example, "watch" and "sound" could be combined in an alarm system.   Due to arcanurgy's main limitation (propximity with an Ancient), rural areas, which have fewer Ancients, tend to have less arcanurgy. The little arcanurgic power they have comes from tuning rods, which act as repeaters of the Ancients' energy.  

Statues of the Ancients

The Statues of the Ancients (generally called simply the Statues or the Ancients) are massive statues spread throughout the world, both on the surface and underwater. Their origin is not known, although scholars agree on the fact that they aren't built by humans. They are the source of arcanurgic power, which makes them highly strategic points in geopolitics. This is the reason most cities around the world are built in areas with a high density of Statues.  


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