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Summer Camp 2023

July Festivities

July also brings a lot of excitement, on World Anvil and in real life. Vacations, birthdays, anniversaries, and family get togethers fill calendars and keep me always running, but beneath all that, I'm always planning, always thinking about how to accomplish one of my favorite events on World Anvil.   Summer Camp was the first ever event that I participated in when I first joined World Anvil. On July 15, 2019, I jumped in with both feet and was able to reach silver with only 15 days to complete the gauntlet of prompts. Over the past few years, I've learned a great deal and am ready to start my 5th Summer Camp with some great ideas and ready fingers.   This year is a little different as Summer Camp comes on the back of my husband and I buying our first house and fully moving in. My creative space is still in flux, but the new environment brings with it greater inspiration as I blast music and hang out with all my desk Kirbys.  
Summer Camp Prep Month is absolutely hectic this year as we complete the move and get everything set up to be once again creative, but the homework is always great to get the motivation flowing and the ideas waiting to be written down as fast as I can type.   After the restructuring of Isekai back in 2021, I plan to use Summer Camp this year to fill in more neglected parts of the world. With over 1800 articles created and over 800,000 words written, there are still parts of Isekai that are lacking and I want to fill out as many stub articles as I can and add dimension to the world that we have worked so hard on.

SC23 Pledge

My Summer Camp pledge is to be part of Polina "Line" Arteev's club, the Dewy Diamonds, and have a chill Summer Camp while completing as many prompts as I can.
SC23 Pledge
Generic article | Jun 26, 2023

RiverFang's Pledge Document for Summer Camp 2023!

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