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Blue Mages

Users of Monster Magic

One of the rarest forms of magic presented in the many reasonable races of Isekai is that of Blue Magic, the magic of monsters instead of men. It manifests in many ways, dragon fire, hearty exoskeletons, razor claws the rend and tear. Few in the world practice this color of magic as one may need to sacrifice life and limb to gain such power.

Due to the dangerous nature of Blue Magic, practitioners are limited, not only in their numbers but in their specialties. Few dare to dabble with those creatures such as Dragons and Hydras that offer the strongest magic if one survives. Even this rule has its exceptions, which can be found in the Mage Darius Nizz.

Nizz is an unprecidented practitioner of Blue Magic and has aided its study greatly with his prechance for dangerous situations and the lack of self preservation that is commonly found in most reasonable races. While Blue Magic has been roughly codified in this tome, more research is necessary to fully understand what this color of magic can truly do.

— Chapter 4 of the The Spectrum of Magic, Colors of Magic
  Blue Mages are practitioners of Blue Magic, the type of magic in the world that harnesses the power of monsters. A rarity in the world, Blue Mages often must face life and death to expand their craft and learn more, something that few wish to do.



To become a Blue Mage, one must have been born with the ability to use Blue Magic. While those that are sensitive to the Spectrum of Magic can learn some magic of this type, it is extremely difficult and will often only amount to the ability to observe and understand the abilities of a monster. The most skilled Mages and Wizards cannot force themselves to master Blue Magic if they weren't born with the innate ability.



While most professions of the world are seen as having a purpose, Blue Mages are one of the few that are often seen as unnecessary as there is no reason for a person to harness the power of monsters, except for possibly nefarious means. Because of this, most Blue Mages are hermits or live far from civilization as it is safer for them to work on their craft and encounter the monsters that would grant them stronger abilities.   This does not mean that Blue Mages cannot benefit the societies they are a part of. The best example of this is Lord Darius Nizz, one of the many lords of the Human Empire. Nizz has utilized his abilities to protect his people from all manner of monsters that would enter the town of Harkin as well as to write one of the most complete bestiaries that exist within Isekai.

Social Status

Most that dabble in Blue Magic are often considered crazy or lacking in any type of sense due to how one learns this type of magic. While not necessarily shunned, most Blue Mages are ignored by society and are left to their own devices as long as their search for knowledge does not bring harm to others. As soon as harm occurs to anyone other than the Blue Mage, most people look down upon them and will do anything they can to have them removed from an area because Blue Mages can be great dangers.
Famous in the Field
Other Associated professions

Learning Blue Magic

Being able to master Blue Magic is an extremely rare ability and is somewhat dangerous. Those that are Blue Mages will travel the world in search of all manner of monsters so that they may witness some of the most dangerous abilities found in the world. To learn something like a Dragon's breathing technique, one must subject themselves to the technique and survive. Once surviving a certain ability of a monster, then the Blue Mage can begin to teach themselves how to replicate the ability.   Blue Magic is one of the few types of magic that cannot be easily learned in a classroom. Some simple spells and abilities of Blue Magic can be learned through rote study, but the best way to learn this type of magic is to travel the world and experience all types of creatures and monsters.


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