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Delilah Rose

Captain Delilah Rose

On the open sea is where she finds the most peace, the salty spray in her face, her crew joking and laughing as they hoist the sails and keep her ship in the best condition. Out here, the judgment of others slips away, taken away by a crisp breeze, just like her fears, just like her doubts. Being on the waves grants a freedom she's never known, the ability to be herself, to practice her magic and her trade as a sailor, without the constant disapproving looks that she had come to know on land.   Over the course of many voyages, her crew had become the family that she had missed. Her father had left for sea when she was young, her mother left to keep the inn and the children. She always told herself that she would not become lost in that same wanderlust, but sailing was in her blood, and so too she would take to the seas. While her mother and siblings still lived in the Empire, her new-found family traveled with her, over seas and climbing waves, through all misfortunes and goodwill.   Delilah Rose had been a sailor for many years but found her calling on the FG Hospitality, surrounded by a crew that valued her spellcasting and her experience as a sailor. Contacted by Oskar Zelatross, she was tasked with leading the fledgling vessel on its earliest voyages, soon making a name for herself and her crew that traveled through the seafaring world. Without her work, the Hospitality Class Light Cruisers would not have become the vessels they are today.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Delilah was born as the third child of parents in the Human Empire. Her father was a sailor, taking short jobs moving cargo down the rivers to Lake Idryl while her mother served as an innkeeper in their small village. Her early life was simple as she and her siblings assisted their mother in keeping the inn while her father worked. Their mother invested time in their education, granting the children a way forward from their simple lives.   In her early teens, Delilah's father ran off to become a sailor of the sea, caught in a wanderlust that drew him away from his family. This left the children to help their mother even more, but she still believed in allowing the children to do things for their future. When Delilah was of age, she was sent to study at the Starlit Academy for a time, but her time there was short-lived. She specialized in Orange Magic, but her heart seemed to be out in the world like her father.   Delilah was torn between what she saw as a duty to her family and finding the world that existed outside of the small village she knew. After studying at the Starlit Academy for a time, she chose to travel the world instead of returning to her mother and the inn that would one day become her responsibility. Instead, she crossed Vóreios, learning the trade that her father had been so interested in. Eventually, she found herself in Coastland, aboard a ship and traveling the seas.   Years of seafaring would make her a hardened sailor, one that was infallible and could not be worried by what the sea could throw at them. In those years, she would be approached by Oskar Zelatross and asked to partake in an endeavor by Fire & Gold, Inc. that many believed would fail, but if it succeeded, then there would adventure and riches at her fingertips. On a whim, she accepted, becoming the captain of the first of many Hospitality Class Light Cruisers, the FG Hospitality.   Since the ship's maiden voyage, Delilah has served as the captain of the FG Hospitality, making a name for herself and her crew as well-trained sailors that cannot be shaken. Their diplomacy and attention to detail make the experience on the ship what it is and the crew's wanderlust serves them well as they travel the seas, bringing peace and understanding between those that otherwise may still be fighting.
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Date of Birth
27 Winter's Morning, 265 IM
Year of Birth
265 EA 35 Years old
Dark Brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Other Affiliations

Character Portrait image: Delilah Rose by Portrait via Portrait Workshop, created by RiverFang


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I like her! I do wonder if she ever visits her mother and siblings.

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