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FG Hospitality

Hospitality Ship of Fire & Gold, Inc.

Against the deep azure of the raging oceans, the glimmering gold of sails arises, stalwart and unmoving as the tempest around them rages. The liquid gold that billows with the breeze marks one of a fleet of unassuming ships, ones that could easily be mistaken for pirates or a private sailor traversing the high seas between Vóreios and Nótios. These sails and the blazing red flag that waves above all else mark a vessel of Fire & Gold, Inc., a trading vessel that brings joy to all who see it.   The FG Hospitality is one of the many Hospitality Class Light Cruisers that are employed by Fire & Gold, Inc. for diplomatic and trade missions. These ships specialize in the movement of luxury cargo and luxuriousness on the open sea. While the fleet of Hospitality Class Light Cruisers numbers nearly twenty, the FG Hospitality is the largest and considered the most luxurious, even with its advanced age. It was the first of its class ever built, its blueprints and enchantments the ideas of the founder of Fire & Gold, Inc., Oz.   While the oldest of the fleet, the FG Hospitality is by far one of the most well-known of the Fire & Gold ships. Captained by resident Sorceress and seafarer Delilah Rose, the ship travels the world, inviting those from all kingdoms and countries to come aboard and work out issues of diplomacy and trade. It is a place of neutral ground for both land-dwellers and water-dwellers, a place where both can survive without issue. Without the need for luxury of Fire & Gold, Inc., a place like this would not exist.  

Aboard the Hospitality

On Deck

The deck of the FG Hospitality is kept relatively clutter-free and only has the necessities out at any given time. Except for the golden sails and red flag, the ship looks like any other cargo ship and the deck reflects that in hopes of keeping pirates and others that wish to cause harm away. Some crates and barrels can be found on deck, but otherwise, the ship is unassuming, except for its varied crew. The crew has even been know to utilize barrels and crates full of rocks or sand just to keep up appearances as these crates are never full of actual cargo in case of inclement weather or other problems.
The Crew
Captain Delilah Rose is extremely picky when it comes to those she allows as her crew. All races that can be diplomatic and ignore their more primal urges are usually considered for the job, meaning that the crew can be extremely varied. Currently, the ship is home to a handful of crew members, including an Avian, a Halfling, a Nephilim, an Obsidea, and a scattering of Humans and Elves.  

Below Deck

Once a visitor to the ship has come below deck, it is much easier to see where the FG Hospitality found its name. Rooms below deck are much more lavish and decorated, offering a sense of a well-decorated room in a small palace or castle instead of the below deck of a sailing ship. Two rooms, the Captain's Quarters and the Diplomacy Room, are much more lavish than the others, but the FG Hospitality has a few amenities that are not common on most ships found through Isekai.  
Captain's Quarters
The Captain's Quarters is located towards the stern of the ship, directly behind the opening to the cargo hold. This room was originally very minimalistic like the Crew's Quarters and other working areas of the ship, but Delilah Rose made a great deal of changes. She believed that the Captain's Quarters was a place that should also be decorated and well-kept in the rare instances that the Diplomacy Room was too much for a meeting or that someone important had come to meet with her specifically.   Many of the more interesting artifacts that are transported by the ship end up in the Captain's Quarters for "safe-keeping" but often it is because the Captain wishes to research and learn more about the items.
One specialty of the FG Hospitality is its Galley. Most ships that sail the seas of Isekai do not have a dedicated cooking space, often opting for small storage crates and enchanted fireproof containers to cook on deck with. The founder of Fire & Gold, Inc. refused to have such unrefined methods as parts of his fleet, instead choosing more expensive but often more luxurious methods to reach an end.   As with all Hospitality Class Light Cruisers, the FG Hospitality has a large galley with room for a variety of cupboards and storage units as well as a small table for eating and a wood-burning stove. This room is strictly lit with torches, causing the room to be dark at most times as the torches are only lit when the ship is stationary.   The wood burning cook stove in Hospitality Class Light Cruisers are special orders from the Dwarven Kingdom, commissioned by the founder himself, specifically for the purposes of cooking on the high seas. The interior of the oven and the cooktops are made with thin sheets of Flare Steel, allowing the oven and cooktops to stay warm for long periods of time without the need for large flames. Oftentimes, the cook on the ship is of a race that can see extremely well in the dark, including Gem Dwarves, Silver Elves, and Strigea, as they can continue cooking and preparing meals even when the ship is in motion.   All items in the Galley are built from hearty materials so as to withstand the salty sea spray and the wear and tear that is common on ships. The cupboards are made from wood from the Little Greenwood that exemplifies the stout and hearty nature that many expect from that area. It is unknown for sure what type of wood was used for the cupboards, but due to their intricate details and hinge work, it is assumed that the cupboards were created by the Mauskin.  
Store Room
Forward of the Galley is a small storeroom. As the FG Hospitality is also a cargo ship, most people are confused as to the use of this room as it holds a few interesting items. Many of the crates and barrels in this room house the supplies used to create fine dining meals for diplomatic meetings as well as the food that is served daily to the crew. Other perishable goods that may be used for trade are also stored here if the conditions of the Cargo Hold are not right for the item. The Captain has also been known to store odd souvenirs in this room as well.  
Crew's Quarters
  The Crew's Quarters are kept extremely simple and without any decoration. Due to the nature of the meetings that are hosted on the FG Hospitality, the ship must be crewed at all hours, even in the depths of night. Because of this, the crew is often split in two, with one set working during the day while the others work during the night. This isn't always the case, as most times diplomatic matters are only attended to during daylight, but there are some rare occasions when the races meeting on the ship prefer to meet during the night or under the light of the moon.   While the crew is required to share beds and sleep in a bunkbed type setup, each crew member is given their own set of blankets, pillows, and other bedclothes that they need. These items are stowed in specially marked cupboards built into the beds, which are marked with the crew member's name. Per the Captain, these sleeping items are of the best quality so that her crew can get the rest they need.      
Diplomacy Room
The Diplomacy Room is meant to be the most luxurious room on the ship, with walls covered in fine tapestries and flooring that is well-made and intricate in design. The furnishings in this room are meant to be opulent, giving a feeling of comfort and richness to all who enter the room. The soft velveteen furniture, the plush carpet, and the soft candlelight are meant to create a safe and neutral environment where people can drop their guard and discuss issues with a calm and clear mind.   These furnishings were custom made to be in the colors of Fire & Gold, Inc., rich reds and metallic golds. The craftsmanship of the items is said to be such a level that only a Master Dwarf could have created the furnishings. It is also believed that the rug was created by a Witch using Arcane Weaving, but no one is quite sure what the enchantment is.  

Cargo Hold

While the upper floor is dedicated primarily to diplomacy, the final floor of the ship fulfills the second duty of the FG Hospitality. During trade meetings, it is common for the various groups to bring goods that could be used for trade. These items are stored in the cooler area of the bottom of the ship. Here, there is little light or interaction with the goods outside of their placement and inventory. Certain areas of the Cargo Hold are designated for different goods, including barrels, crates, chests, perishable items, and fragile goods.

Always the Best,
Never the Rest

Hospitality, Luxury
Owning Organization
Estimated well over 1 million gold
1st of its kind
400 tonnes
Roughly 9 knots
Complement / Crew
8 to 12
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Roughly 70 tonnes
Captained by
Delilah Rose

Captain Rose

Captain Delilah Rose, a Human originally from the village of Barkest in the Human Empire, was handpicked to serve as captain of the FG Hospitality by the founder of Fire & Gold, Inc.. She had served on a variety of cargo and passenger ships from the ports of Coastland for a handful of years before joining the ranks of Fire & Gold.   Before becoming a seafarer, she dabbled in spellcasting, learning about magic and its uses during her short time at the Starlit Academy. She specializes in Orange Magic, utilizing elemental spells to assist with problems that arise on the ship such as lack of wind or other meteorological events.


The FG Hospitality was one of the earliest projects of Oz as he began to create what would soon be known to the world as Fire & Gold, Inc.. Once a foothold was gained in trade throughout Vóreios, the next step was to expand to the sea and the races that were often unable to come on land to have discussions or make trade agreements.   There was an acute need for a space that could be considered neutral ground and would have the proper enchantments to allow water dwellers to enter the space while being able to walk on two legs in the case of Merfolk and be able to breathe in the open air in the case of many of the water dwellers. Few believed such a place was possible, but the newly established trading company made an attempt to create such a place, and that attempt brought about the FG Hospitality.

Power & Propulsion

The FG Hospitality is considered a brig and utilizes two masts carrying square sails. On the seas of Isekai, these sails allow the ship to move quickly with heavy loads of cargo while also being easily maneuvered in sail-restricted spaces as well as the small harbors that are found along the coasts in places like the Little Greenwood. For a vast majority of the time, the ship is propelled strictly by its sails and the movements of the sea, but a secondary propulsion system does exist in the rare instances the sails and waves are not enough.   The Captain of the FS Hospitality is an adept Sorceress that specializes in elemental magic. In the rare case that the ship is unable to propel itself through its own means, the Captain is able to create gusts of wind and other simple spells that will allow the ship to move for short periods, even when loaded to maximum capacity. Usually, this is unneeded due to the experience and knowledge utilized by the crew to keep the ship ever-moving when needed.


As the FG Hospitality is first and foremost a ship dedicated to diplomacy on neutral territory, the security of the ship and its meetings are of utmost priority. The ship serves all manner of dignitaries from all races and dealings that have nothing to do at all with Fire & Gold, Inc.. Because of this, the crew is specially trained to handle specific situations as well as the ship holding certain enchantments to be sure that there are no issues.   All crew members are handpicked by the Captain and must be then approved by the founder of Fire & Gold, Inc. before they are allowed to serve. Male and female crewmembers are trained in a variety of combat styles, including hand-to-hand, a variety of weapon styles, and magical combat. Additional specially trained members will be brought on board in times of important meetings to provide extra security.   On deck, the crew's training comes in handy if there was ever an instance of a boarding party, but the ship also has external safety measures to keep the ship safe in adverse circumstances. The hull of the ship is reinforced to help in areas near the Teeth of the North and elsewhere that could easily puncture. Most of the ship is also enchanted against most damage that would come from natural causes or pirates. Only the Captain knows the exact enchantments that are used on the ship.
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FG Hospitality
FG Hospitality is one of many ships in the fleet of Fire & Gold, Inc. used to carry out their trade commitments. This ship specializes in hospitality for all races, including those that are strictly water dwellers and cannot come on land. The FG Hospitality was specially designed by the founder of Fire & Gold, Inc. to spred his trade across the world, above and below the waves.

Cover image: Technologies Cover by Landscape via Artbreeder, created by RiverFang


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Awesome job on having the class name match the first of class. as a personal pet-peeve of mine, usually designation is a combination of ships type (in this case Light Cruiser) and hull number (SSN-688 is the designation of the submarine USS Los Angeles), as opposed to prefix, which shows the ships owning organization, but that standard has only been around since a little before WWI and generally post-dates actual sailing ships, as well as being more of a military thing. Also there is a potential that you are missing an anchor and chain locker, although in a DnD world this can be compensated for in various ways (magic, water elementals, etc.)   Overall, though great article with an awesome map. the fact that i was nitpicking minor details speaks very highly of the quality of you work.

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