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Bird Folk of the Night

The moon rises as the sun meets its slumber, calling forth all creatures of the night to wake and wander. Birds and all manner of creatures begin their nightly hunts, moving from their perches in the tops of trees. Hidden amongst these branches are the small huts and homes of one of the Avians, those that prefer the dark of the night to the glare of the day. When the moonlight touches the landscape, their villages come alive, the rustle of feathers marking the start of their day.   Strigea are the night owls of the Avians choosing to live their lives by the light of the moon. They are dangerous hunters, known for acute senses and pin-point accuracy in their hunts. Close kinship is found between the Strigea and the Tridae, even if their waking hours rarely overlap.

Basic Information


All Avians share anatomical traits with Humans with some major differences. Avians have feathers and wings that allow them to fly as well as sharp beaks and talons that allow them to hunt or gather food.   Strigea vary slightly from other Avians as they are often nocturnal and have increased sensory abilities. Their eyes seems somewhat oversized, aiding these abilities. They also have the ability to turn their head a great distance, often looking directly behind them.   Common Colorations
Strigea vary widely in color, often having several shades and colors of feathers at once. Their colorations often match those of owls in the world, including snowy owls and burrowing owls.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Strigea are often solitary in nature but it isn't uncommon to find a handful living in relatively close proximity. Sometimes they form small villages in the treetops or within hollowed-out trees in many of the larger forests. Their culture is heavily focused on hunting and utilizing their heightened senses in helpful ways.   These people are often welcomed amongst other Avians, especially amongst the Tridae, but rarely gather and take part in anything with other Avians due to the time of day these groups often meet. In some ways, the Strigea are considered the "lazy" ones of the Avians even though they are extremely accomplished hunters and trackers.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Being nocturnal has given the Strigea a variety of interesting sensory abilities. These people have increased vision in the dark due to their large eyes. Their hearing is also greatly increased, allowing them to hear things moving below them even when they are flying at great altitudes.
Animal Kingdom, Avian
30 years
Average Height
5 feet
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