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SC23 Pledge

Summer Camp 2023 marks my 4th WAnniversary as well as my 5th camp with this amazing community. Through the ups and downs as well as the busy times, World Anvil has always been there, ready for when inspiration strikes and I fall down the rabbit hole into the lore of the world known as Isekai. Once again, I'm so excited to dive in and continue writing!  
Summer Camp 2023 Pledge
by World Anvil
My Summer Camp pledge is to be part of Polina "Line" Arteev's club, the Dewy Diamonds, and have a chill Summer Camp while completing as many prompts as I can.

Theme Preparation

I learned last year that writing a whole series of prompts related to the same time or very similar things sometimes works, but not always. While having four themes this year and time to prepare, I find myself going into this looking at the themes very broadly and not necessarily forcing myself to focus on a specific location or group. I plan to complete stubs and if every prompt of a given theme is from widely different areas of Isekai, then I am completely fine with that.  


Power is a very broad theme as it could cover so many different topics. With the talk of using character relationships and diplomancy webs, it leads me to think of the major countries of Isekai that my husband Shiftrex has been working on over the last few months. Each of these countries has people, rituals, organizations, and other parts that define different levels of power and power structures.   In all honesty, I hope that the prompts related to power use the organization template a great deal as one of my favorite things as of late has been delving into the military structures of the various countries and kingdoms. Whether that be standing militias, formal militaries, or guerilla groups that band together as needed, in many of our countries, these groups have helped uphold the power structures that were put into place after the Eldritch War.


Frontiers is yet another broad theme as they are little more than boundaries between things. With the talk of using and cleaning up maps, I look towards the countries and kingdoms of Isekai as well as the physical and political boundaries between them. The two continents of Isekai are very much divided by mountains, rivers, and other physical boundaries that set whole countries and even peoples apart.   I very much hope that the prompts related to frontiers use the geography template a great deal as there are so many parts of Isekai that we have yet to delve into the geography, mostly on the Southern Continent. This continent is much more separated by boundaries of rivers, lakes, mountains, even climates than the Northern Continent. The Southern Continent is also really the last "unexplored" frontier of Isekai as so few of the Elder and Divine Races call this area home.


I have to admit, the WA team is just absolutely brilliant with the very broad and open-ended themes this year. Relic can mean so many things, and with the talk of using timelines and chronicles, its obvious that the key here is history. If you've ever looked through the main timeline or chronicle for Isekai, its hard to miss the long length of history that this world has. So many things can fulfill the relic prompt that its almost difficult to think of what exactly to focus on here.   Relics lend themselves to so many different templates but I hope that the tradition/ritual and myth/legend template appear a great deal because those are such good ways to share the history of our worlds through the lives that people have lived over the course of the world's life. I want to delve into the parts of Isekai's cultures that have been "lost" or even those that have been recently "found" because in a world with such storied history, relics of old can become the items of new.


Every theme release so far has made me beyond excited for the prompts that are coming, but this last one gave me a moment of pause. Dictionaries and whiteboards are the feature hints, which made me stop for another moment, because I released that with even over 1000 stubs to pick from for Summer Camp this year, we had finally been given a theme that reached outside of what was on the docket to complete for Isekai.   Communication, while a broad topic, makes me think of languages and technologies, both things that were either established early in Isekai's worldbuilding history or have been somewhat ignored in favor of more pressing information. In many ways, I'm glad this is the last theme as I see a lot of article creation in my future for this topic, something that I had honestly hoped to avoid this year. It will be interesting to see what I come up with when presented with the prompts as I have little plan for this theme.
Dewy Diamonds Badge by Strixxline
Camp Feral Badge by Strixxline

Past Summer Camps

It's crazy to think sometimes that this year will be my 5th Summer Camp! This is always one of my favorite events and I think it shows with how much I accomplish during this time. With all these past achievements in mind, I really can't wait to start writing this year and filling up more of our world!  

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5 Jun, 2023 18:29

Yay, more Isekai! :) Looking forward to seeing what you write, and good luck with the move!

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
5 Jun, 2023 19:47

Yayyyy more Isekai articles!! Can't wait to read everything you write! Good luck :D

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Sage strixxline
Polina "Line" Arteev
7 Jun, 2023 03:36

Yaaay another feral dewdrop! :D I hope you have a wonderful SummerCamp season and achieve the goals you set out for!

Seek a new dawn, in Malkora!
The Feral Sovereign sleeps peacefully, but will return...
8 Jun, 2023 21:18

Wooo camp feral!! Good luck on your goal for the Diamond badge :D which prompt template are you most excited for?

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11 Jun, 2023 15:41

Hmmmm, more Isekai to scratch that itch! Noice! Good luck with everything you have planned!

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11 Jun, 2023 15:41

Hmmmm, more Isekai to scratch that itch! Noice! Good luck with everything you have planned!

You wanna see what we did for Summer Camp? This way please: Eddie's Summercamp 2023
13 Jun, 2023 13:05


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25 Jun, 2023 04:35

YES, MORE ISEKAI! You always create such fun things for me to read, I'm sure this will be no exception. I have recently corrected the mistake of somehow not following this wonderfully amazing world.   and now, ONWARD, TO DIAMOND!

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