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Summer Camp 2022

July Festivities

July and the festivities known as Summer Camp are upon us yet again. 31 days of prompts so that we may be greeted with worldbuilding and shiny badges, or at least a little bit of both hopefully.   Summer Camp is an amazing event that many Anvilites participate in, hoping to fill their worlds with great words. It is one of my favorite challenges to take part in as the prompts inspire so many ideas that I'm still trying to catch up with.   I joined World Anvil on July 15, 2019, with a little more than 15 days to complete the gauntlet of prompts. I succeeded pretty well back then and have continued the trend since. It's now my 4th Summer Camp and I'm ready to write some great things once again.  
Summer Camp Prep Month is always a bit busy due to the homework that we receive from Janet and Dimi, but it always help flesh out the goals that I hope to accomplish during July. The new framework for Isekai was established last summer prior to Summer Camp and we hope to continue fleshing out and filling in everything we can.   My main goal this year is to use Summer Camp and the prompts to fill in parts of the world that have been neglected since we started our journey on World Anvil in 2019. With projects coming to fruition earlier this year, its time to move full steam ahead with the next step.

SC22 Pledge

My Summer Camp pledge is to go Diamond or Die without sacrificing my sanity, the quality of my work, or any part of Isekai.
SC22 Pledge
Generic article | Jun 4, 2023

RiverFang's Pledge Document for Summer Camp 2022!

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