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SC22 Inspiration

Prepping for July Festivities

I very rarely struggle with inspiration for worldbuilding, but doing the Summer Camp prep really helps in terms of focusing on what I need to work on during the month. This inspiration prep also gets me started on creating/finding images, prepping image descriptions, and thinking through the small additional parts that make my articles what they are.   Isekai is a well-established world at this point so inspiration comes in a variety of places, including from already existing things in the world. The locations I plan on working on during Summer Camp this year have existed since the earliest days of our worldbuilding, so much of what makes those places unique has already been inspired and thought out, only in a preliminary form.   Because of this, I'm choosing to establish a mini-meta for the three locations that I hope to focus on the most. Each of these locations has its own inspiration and points of interest that hopefully, I can flesh out here.

Overall Inspiration

Each area of worldbuilding often has its own inspiration but I find that a good playlist in the background often helps the writing and ideas flow. This is my standard playlist that I listen to frequently, but the songs on it change over the months.  


Káto encompasses all of Isekai that is below the ground. While broken into provinces that correspond to various locations above ground, this large area reaches deep into the world and is home to a great number of peoples, flora, and fauna.  


Religious Influence
Inter-City Politics
Extra-Planar Influence

Principal Geography & Features

Káto is full of varied terrain and features, most often tunnels, caves, and areas with vaulting ceilings. It is common to find ore deposits of various kinds as well as underground oceans, rivers, lakes, and volcanoes that may or may not be dormant. These features change greatly as one descends further into the depths, becoming darker and tighter quarters.  

Initial Active Setting

This Summer Camp will focus on the areas of Káto that fall within the provinces that are below Vóreios. Many of these areas have acess to the Great Tunnel and a great deal of trade with the surface world.

Spine of Kallex

The Spine of Kallex, while not the largest mountain range in Vóreios, is the one safest to inhabit, although that does not mean that danger doesn't lurk around every crag and in every valley there.  


Expansive Trade
Religious Influence
Fledgling Geography

Principal Geography & Features

The Spine of Kallex is known for its sharp terrain, cragged mountains, and deep valleys that are near impassable, even during the best of circumstances. The mountains reach high, higher than even some of the Metallic Dragons dare to fly, making the visage of the range one that reaches to the heavens.  

Initial Active Setting

This Summer Camp will focus on the areas of the Spine of Kallex that have been established before but only briefly fleshed out, including the Spikes of Kallex and areas surrounding Qimbyr Pass and the Barbarian settlements.

Mystic Jungle

Once known as the Mystic Jungle, this area south of the Elven Forest has been turned into a Deadzone. A pinnacle location during the Eldritch War, this area had so much elegance and history before it was wiped away.  


Forgotten Civilization
Deep Mystery
Eldritch War

Principal Geography & Features

The Mystic Jungle (now a Deadzone) once had extremely varied terrain of deep valleys bursting with tall trees and hidden cities that one could rarely find. Now the landscape is marred and barren, little more than a burning desert that supports no life, not even the smallest being.  

Initial Active Setting

This Summer Camp will focus on the Mystic Jungle in two stages, before the Eldritch War and after the war. While this could count as two separate locations, the changes to the jungle into the Deadzone were defined by what was originally in the area.

Summer Camp Mini-Meta

As mentioned in the discussion of my SC22 Themes & Ideas, I plan to focus in on three areas in Isekai during Summer Camp. These areas of Vóreios are considered great expanses and while they have existed for awhile, there is very little information about these places. Click through the tabs above to see some of my inspiration and the directions I might be taking with my writing.

Thanks to Stormbril for the inspiration for my mini-meta!

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Author's Notes

Thanks to Stormbril for the great CSS tabs! Check out his other CSS magic here!   Have any feedback or questions about this challenge article? Discuss it in the Challenges board!

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