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SC22 Themes & Ideas

Prepping for July Festivities

Themes are a relatively new part of Summer Camp but they really help us Anvilites tie a handful of prompts together and allow us to flesh out a given place in our world. Last year, I attempted to keep a running theme of my own throughout the prompts by working on a single overarching location, finally filling in some lore in Isekai that was much needed.   This year, I'm looking at the themes since they were released ahead of time and matching them to certain geographic locations as well as stubs that are just waiting to be filled in. Whether this plan actually works or not is an entirely different story, but I would love to tie up some already existing loose ends before I make *ahem* probably 50+ stubs like I do every year during Summer Camp.   I also am looking at these themes with their loosest possible definitions so that I can fill in more of the world that actually needs to be filled in. This is an approach that I recently started with some of the unofficial challenges that have been floating around and it has really helped me to work on articles that I created, sometimes years ago, instead of making something new.   Ultimately, anything I lay out here is just a precursory idea. Oftentimes, Summer Camp prompts strike me with the weirdest inspiration and I write things that I never thought I would. Even so, this is hopefully the groundwork to keep me working in designated locations in Isekai instead of bouncing around all over the place.

SC22 Pledge

My Summer Camp pledge is to go Diamond or Die without sacrificing my sanity, the quality of my work, or any part of Isekai.
SC22 Pledge
Generic article | Jun 4, 2023

RiverFang's Pledge Document for Summer Camp 2022!



The northern continent of Vóreios has many an expanse that has been roughly touched on but never fully delved into. Very few of the geographic locations have a completed article, leaving me a great number of options for these eight prompts. For this set, I would like to work on three specific locations. These locations have received very little love outside of some supporting articles (people, cultures, and some settlements) and I would like to rectify that.  
Spine of Kallex
Mystic Jungle (currently a Deadzone)


Leadership is a rather open-ended theme as there are so many things/templates that can be covered by it. My initial thought was that there would be a number of organization and character prompts in this section, leading me to begin thinking about the various leaders that can be found throughout Vóreios. I don't have exact areas I want to focus on for these prompts, but there are some things that I may want to see if I can make fit.  
Religious Organizations
Unexpected Leaders



Discovery as a theme, to me, lends itself to technologies, materials, and artifacts. So many things in any world can be found or discovered through a number of means. This is probably the set of prompts that I'm most excited for because I honestly have no idea what rabbit hole it will lead me down. Even though I received Best Technology in the Best of WA last year, Isekai is severely lacking in technology. That being said, I'm leaving what I focus on for this group of prompts wide open instead of limiting myself.


While monstrous can be many things in Isekai, the first thing that comes to mind is Káto. Káto is Isekai's world under the surface and is probably far more expansive than the world that most see. It's dark, gritty, and often comes with a touch of death from all manner of creatures, diseases, and circumstances. As this portion of our world is huge, I will probably never find the end of it in terms of writing, which seems just perfect for this section of prompts that can go in so many different directions.

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Delighted to stumble across another librarian here on WorldAnvil! Kudos on a very nice piece of layout work, and I look forward to reading what you share for this year's Summer Camp. Good luck!

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