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SC22 Pledge

Prepping for July Festivities

Summer Camp 2022 officially marks my 3rd WAnniversary and my fourth camp with all the wonderful beans in this community. For nearly three years, I've jumped headlong into World Anvil, worldbuilding, and challenges and never looked back. 2022 has been an amazing year of accomplishments for Isekai and I hope that I can continue that through Summer Camp!  

Reflecting on the Past & Motivation

Summer Camp holds a special place in my heart as I joined World Anvil with about 15 days remaining during Summer Camp 2019. While it took me a few days to get my bearings, I jumped in headfirst, completing enough prompts to receive Silver.   Since then, I've found my style and what it takes to motivate and drive me forward with writing. Every year the prompts of Summer Camp spur ideas galore, allowing me to write a great deal and keep writing. I strive to write quality articles that add to what Shiftrex and I are doing with Isekai and Summer Camp helps that goal a great deal.   After my success with Adventure April and the first version of our TTRPG in place, I am far more motivated for this Summer Camp than those in the past. I've been itching for the first homework to delve in and begin this journey for the fourth time.  
SC21 Pledge
Generic article | Jun 2, 2022

RiverFang's Pledge Document for Summer Camp 2021!


Planning for This Year

The first SC Homework is to determine our goals for the year. Here are my goals and plans for SC22.  

Project Storybook Continuation

Last year in June, Isekai got a huge revamp where articles, categories, and names changed. While that is still an ongoing process, it isn't necessarily my main focus for this year. Version 0.1 of our TTRPG System, the Storybook System, was released along with my Adventure April entry. As part of Summer Camp, I hope to flesh out more stub articles that add to the lore of the system we've built and move us forward in terms of system building.  


Vóreios is the Northern Continent of our world and is home to all of the Elder Races. Since the beginning of our time on World Anvil, we have focused on building this continent. Another goal of Summer Camp this year is to fill in parts of Vóreios that have been somewhat neglected in the last few years.  


After two successful years reaching Diamond, I really expect nothing less of myself. I plan on reaching Diamond again this year, often writing in whatever free time I have. Sometimes that might be late nights at home or quiet days at work overlooking the lake, but I will succeed once again.  


Sharing my work, especially during Summer Camp or WorldEmber, is like my kryptonite. It is an absolute failure on my part and I've decided I'm no longer going to force myself to attempt to succeed at any type of sharing goal. For Summer Camp this year, I'm going to attempt to share some of my progress in the Isekai Discussion Boards, even if it is a one-sided conversation.  


After four years, I've realized that my execution of Summer Camp and my success at it are very different from others, but I still have some plan when it comes to figuring out how I will be successful.  

When to Write

In past summers, I've had a single part time job or multiple part time jobs during Summer Camp. This year, I'm working full time at one of my state's busiest State Parks, meaning my schedule (and often my ability to write) are scattered and unpredictable at the best of times. I may be writing at work, early in the morning, or late at night. I could possibly be binge writing on Sundays and Mondays when I have days off. For me, it doesn't matter when I write, things will still get done.  


While I absolutely love the community that WA has, I sometimes struggle to find my place in it all, especially during Summer Camp and World Anvil when it feels like if you can't spend every waking second on the Discord that you've missed everything. I do have some real life friends that are participating in Summer Camp as well, but I find that my support group is most often myself and my co-author (my husband), even if he doesn't participate in the challenges himself.  
I pledge to go Diamond or Die during Summer Camp 2022 without sacrificing my sanity, the quality of my work, or any part of Isekai.
— RiverFang
by World Anvil

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Sage nnie
Annie Stein
7 Jun, 2022 12:04

I was not expecting to see a link to my own pledge! Thank you, you fellow amaxing bean! I think it sounds good to focus on writing and not worring too much about promoting and sharing the work. Best of luck this Summercamp ♡

Creator of Solaris & The Morning Realm -— Worldember 2022
10 Jun, 2022 04:00

Oh, that's a clever use for discussion boards. Good luck with your exploration of those forgotten areas of Vóreios :)

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