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Grimoire of Nine Horrors

Cause of the Eldritch War

Darkness seeps into the mind, oozing through thoughts and memories, twisting them to leave a cloaked figure in every corner, a message to pay attention. As the days pass by, the darkness remains, solidifying and calling, asking questions and motioning to follow. Soon the blackness exists like a forgotten friend tucked deep within long-lost memories, someone once well-known but lost to history. Thoughts twisted to see the darkness as a close friend while the outside world becomes evil, the worst of creatures and intentions lurking behind every smile and greeting granted. Once the darkness takes hold, one is lost to it, forced into its bidding as memories shift and change to show a world that the blackness wishes to enter fully.   As the blackness manifests into a figure, a solid being lost in memories and thoughts, it begins giving instructions, friendly instructions barely hiding the malice in the voice, a voice gravely and strangely otherworldly. So many things say that the blackness should not be, but it hushes those thoughts and erases them, turning you truly against those that may have once been allies. As the figure grows, it speaks of searching for something, for an item that would grant one's wildest dreams. The figure convinces you of the necessity of such an item, how it would change life as you know it, how it would make things much better than they are. While a niggling at the back of your mind screams to not, to ignore the figure, but the figure once again hushes those words, driving you forward to search for the item.   Training as a Warlock has aided your capabilities as you search...and search...and search. As the years of searching continue and the figure changes and twists more memories, you find yourself in a new pact, no longer with the patron that had once granted you power. The blackness has granted you new power, saying they are one of many Ancient Ones, saying that you will be rewarded for the long search you have been on. After so many years, the voice of the blackness is a part of you, you no longer question its intentions. The item will be found and you will be granted the greatest of power, gaining the life that you had always wished for.   Eventually, the item comes to pass. The fully formed figured mimes the words to say over the tome, its power obvious even to the likes of a mildly powerful magic user. With a deep breath, you begin to copy the words, voice ringing out with a power beyond this world. A rumbling punctuates the final words, the wind howling around you. You wait for the reward the figure spoke of, but simply nothing occurs. AS anger courses through you, you channel that against the figure, its face turning up in the shadow of a smile. Your lips forming around another spell, all hell breaks loose around you.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The Grimoire of Nine Horrors is a highly magical tome of an unknown origin. Utilizing a language unknown in the realms of Isekai, the large tome include direction on how to summon the Nine Eldritch Lords to the plane. While no one truly knows the information inside the book other than the Eldritch Horrors, it is known that certain conditions must be met to have such a summoning occur.   Once the passage is read from the book, a Warlock must then do specific things for the summoning to take place, but this is information not shared with anyone due to the catastrophe of the Eldritch War. Beyond the summoning ritual, little is known about how the Grimoire of Nine Horrors works or what other magical abilities it may have.   Because of the magic of the book, it is unsure whether the tome can truly be destroyed as Eldritch Horrors of high strength can only be sealed and not truly destroyed.
Item type
Creation Date
Destruction Date
Possibly 100 EA
Unique, extremely rare
16in x 12in
Related Species
Current Geographic Location
Current Holder


The Grimoire of Nine Horrors is one of the most well-known books in all of Isekai's history. This fated book caused the most horrendous event of all time, beginning the Eldritch War with a single line read from its pages. It is believed that the book was destroyed once the Eldritch Horrors were sealed, but no one is entirely sure if it truly happened.   Even those too young to remember the horrors of the war still instinctively shy away from the mention of the book. It is deeply ingrained in all people to feel fear at mentions of the book and to question the pact that all Warlocks have made. In some places, these types of magic users have been completely banned due to their role in causing the great calamity.


Author's Notes

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31 Jul, 2022 23:14

Excellent description of the creeping horror - the darkness in the mind's eye.

1 Aug, 2022 13:16

I really like your beginning description, it has the creepy eldritch feeling to it. I also love the lingering fear people have for the book and (possible) prejudice towards all warlocks now.

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Ohhhhh, so good. I followed along until I realized I had made a very, very bad choice. One i saw in that smile of the figure. Loved the writing, dear. This was one of my top favorites.

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My World
5 Aug, 2022 00:14

What a beautiful slow burn that lets the imagination run wild. The slow twist of friend to foe all for an end that the bearer would never have wanted. Delicious horror.

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