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Boom Steel

The Thunderous Celestial Metal

One of the Celestial Metals, Boom Steel is one of the many special metals of the world but has a few properties that set it apart from the rest. While similar in appearance to gold, this metal is much lighter and extremely volatile if not handled correctly. A simple strike, no matter how light, can set off a thunderous crash that is devastating to all that are close, oftentimes with a power similar to dynamite.

Even with its destructive power, this metal is useful for a variety of crafting, often being turned into oversized weapons. Blacksmiths and Metallurgists will create weapons that are two or three times the size of a standard weapon as Boom Steel is so light. Armor made from this metal is unheard of as while it is useful in weapons, armor made from Boom Steel is far too volatile to be useful.

— Appendix III of the Yllvalion Codex, Special Metals of the World
  Boom Steel is one of the many special metals of Isekai, falling into the category of Celestial Metals. Harnessing the power of thunder, this metal is one of the most dangerous to gather and utilize as even the smallest bump can set off the metal and create chaos. Even so, this metal is useful for weapons due to the properties the metal grants the weapon.


Physical & Chemical Properties

While similar in appearance to gold, Boom Steel has a number of special properties that set it apart, even from the other Celestial Metals. This metal is the lightest in the world, causing it to be commonly used in weaponry, castle defense, and magical equipment, including items that are oversized. Whether in raw form or refined into items, Boom Steel will release a loud shockwave when struck that can stagger and deafen anyone within a certain radius.

Geology & Geography

Boom Steel is commonly found in areas that are deep underground, but not under mountainous terrain. Areas of mild climate such as forests create large deposits of Boom Steel in areas that are deep in the world, but not far enough to enter the tunnels and caves of Káto. The largest deposits of this metal in the world are found beneath the Elven Forest and Little Greenwood.   Miners find this metal in fairly large caverns and tunnels as the volatile nature of the metal often creates large pockets of open air around the deposits. A single wrong move while mining the ore can extend these large pockets, but it is these large pockets of air that also allow for mishaps to occur without cave-ins or huge explosions. Those that enter the areas beneath the Elven Forest and Little Greenwood only mine with tools made from Hush Steel to keep fatal accidents from occurring.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Refined Boom Steel is most commonly used to create light, oversized weapons that are two to three times the size of standard weapons. Other uses include castle defenses, such as barricades and other barriers, as well as a variety of magical equipment. Through Metallurgy, Boom Steel can be combined with other special metals to create a variety of alloys that harness the volatile nature of Boom Steel along with the properties of the various other metals.
Boom Steel
Boom Steel is an extremely volatile material and is often mistaken for gold due to its color and physical appearance. It is the lightest metal in the world but must be handled carefully as even a light strike will release a thunderous crash that can injure and deafen all in range.
Similar in appearance to gold
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11 Jul, 2023 23:35

I have...questions. How does one use weapons made of this stuff? I feel like if armor made of it is to volatile, so too would say....a mace. Or warhammer, or sword, or pike, or any melee weapon ever in existence. How does that process work? I don't understand and I want desperately to understand!

Keon Croucher, Chronicler of the Age of Revitalization
12 Jul, 2023 11:33

I love the concept of boom steel so much (and its counterpart, hush steel).

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