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Hush Steel

The Quiet Noble Metal

A Dwarven Blacksmith works the forge, heavy hammer hitting solid anvil, but the constant peals of metal on metal that one expects is nonexistent, the forge emitting no sound as the man works the shining gold metal into something more malleable and usable. It looks like he uses simple Iron tools, but this is far from the case. The lack of sound as he works tells exactly what the tools he wields are made of, a special metal that protects as he works the volatile Boom Steel.   Hush Steel is one of the many special metals in Isekai and is by far one of the most useful in terms of forging. Referred to as one of the Noble Metals, the dull greys of this metal make it look identical to Iron, although its properties are much different. Hush Steel is most commonly used in the forging of Boom Steel as it dampens the volatile properties of the golden metal, but Hush Steel is also used in weapons and armor. While not easily obtained, this metal is important to specific professions.   This metal tends to swallow up a degree of sound made by other objects within a vicinity. Its silent nature allows it to dampen sounds or even silence them, making it extremely useful in working with Boom Steel. Tools that do not trigger the shockwave response of Boom Steel are important to the forging of the Dwarves, as it allows them to create a greater deal of items from the special metals.


Material Characteristics

Hush Steel can dampen or eliminate sounds from itself and objects in a specific vicinity. Because of this, it is commonly used to work with Boom Steel and sought after by scouts and assassins.   Hush Steel weighs twice as much as Gold, requiring as little material as possible being used in items made from Hush Steel to cut down on the weight and make the item usable.

Geology & Geography

Hush Steel is most commonly found at great depths, often in Káto or in deep areas of the ocean that are often inhabited by Obsidea.
A dull grey that is identical to Iron
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