Summer Camp 2022: My Pledge

I cannot believe it has been a whole year since the last summer camp.

Time flies in the never-ending world of world-building!

What is your creative goal and your motivation?

  This year I want to expand the region of Astaeria with particular focus on the Continent of Elvara, as it is the setting for my novel the Wardens of Ethera. As my novel is a dark fantasy, my summer camp articles will continue along this theme.   Motivation wise, I have been struggling recently with my mental health, but I'm determined that this will not hold me back. I am excited to get back to worldbuilding as I have been wholly focussed on writing the second draft of my novel since January, leaving me little creative room for worldbuilding beyond one liners and hastily scribbled notes.
Astaeria 1405 AE
Astaeria Post-Vanguard Revolution

What is your challenge goal?

  In an ideal world, I would love to go for silver this year, to beat last year's efforts. However, just to obtain a copper badge would mean the world to me given the pressures of real life.


"I, Gilly-May Hartill, pledge to engage with Summer Camp 2022 as much as physically and mentally possible.   I will complete at least 8 article prompts in July with the aspirational goal of achieving a silver badge...   I also promise to support the World Anvil Community as much as possible by reading, sharing, and liking articles completed by other sweet beans in the community.   Good luck everyone!"

Summer Camp 2022 Themes

  Expanse: deserts, prairies, oceans, urban expanse, pocket dimensions, planes of existence, or nebulas.
  Leadership: monarchs, presidents, generals, revolutionaries…
  Discovery: research, exploration, and investigation.
  Monstrous: things considered villainous, cruel, unlucky, unnatural, or just “wrong”!


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9 Jun, 2022 13:40

Good luck with Summer Camp! I hope you feel better soon as well.

Grandmaster Gillymaya
Gilly-May Hartill
15 Jun, 2022 13:18

Thanks Emy. Best of luck with yours too :)

Gilly Hartill   Fantasy world builder, aspiring author & lover of all things RPG.
Sage George Sanders
George Sanders
27 Jun, 2022 23:31

Sounds like a great plan. Send out alerts so I don't miss anything!

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Grandmaster Gillymaya
Gilly-May Hartill
1 Jul, 2022 00:51

Thanks George :)

Gilly Hartill   Fantasy world builder, aspiring author & lover of all things RPG.