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Beyond the jagged mountains, on the shores of the Bitter River, lies the most northerly city of Elvara — Zelgrod.   With a population made up mostly of Orcs, Zelgrod has a unique history and vastly different culture compared to life in the Malvarron Empire.  
Astaeria 1405 AE
Astaeria Post-Vanguard Revolution


  During the reign of the Mathidoni Empire, Orcish peoples were treated as outcasts and slaves. Despite the Orcish forming part of the alliance which brought the Mathidoni to their knees, little has changed since the birth of the new era. The Orcish as a whole are viewed as violent savages by most of the Malvarri Empire.   Separated from the rest of Elvara by the craggy rises of the Jagged Mountains the city of Zelgrod started life as a tribal camp.   Under the infamous Orcish warrior Ulrog Kurdan several orcish clans came together to form one large encampment. They separated themselves from wandering orcs and other orcish tribes and referred to themselves as Eljin, meaning ‘United Ones’ in orcish.   Kurdan’s camp was so large it became more and more difficult to keep their traditional nomadic lifestyle and, consequently, the Eljin decided to settle permanently.   Over time the camp has grown to incorporate more wanderers, and those banished from other cities in Elvara, offering a second chance to those in need of it.   The city is now a buzzing metropolis within the wilds of The Barren Wastes. Built around the only saltwater river in Elvara, the Bitter River, the city’s people have learnt to survive through the clever means of desalinisation and learning to hunt the venomous and dangerous creatures found in the wastes.  


  The ruler of the Zelgrod is known as Chief, who heads a small council of trusted advisors made up of the fiercest fighters. The current chief is Tarrod Rhogan. Anyone who wishes to challenge the chief may do so in a battle or duel until one party is forced into submission.   Despite the violent nature of Zelgrod’s politics, Rhogan has attempted to distance the Eljin from the violence of life in The Barren Wastes and as well as a fierce fighter he is also a colourful storyteller and poet, who encourages diplomacy arts within the city. As such, anyone who draws a weapon in the city in an unauthorised manner may find themselves facing the full force of the Zelgrodian City Guard.  

Notable Locations

  The Riverside - Any goods you need to buy may be purchased from the Riverside Bazaar. Zelgrodian Merchants travel far and wide to make trade with other cities possible, though not without great difficulty. Anyone wishing to visit Zelgrod must travel through the mountains or around them via the Desolate Shore. Therefore, be warned, it could take months for more specific items to arrive on order.   The Blue Whale - an inn in the artisan quarter of the city which claims to make the tastiest Fish Pies in all of Elvara. It has a beautiful painted mural inside depicting Ulrog Kurdan and his uniting of the Eljin.   The Sleeping Flea - a tavern in the rougher part of town. If you are looking for a brawl, this is the place to go.

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