The Drifting Rose

The Drifting Rose is a previously abandoned ex-merchant vessel located in the The Ersatz Harbour, on the outskirts of the Wallows, a destitute area within the City of Malvarron .   The ship has been stranded in the harbour since its hull was damaged beyond all repair in the 1331 Revolution. Though the ship will never sail again, its upper and middle decks have been repurposed as a ‘gambler’s den and cabaret bar’, with several private cabins available for paying customers. These cabins are rentable in 30-minute increments...   

From wreck to riches

  Over the years, the ship has undergone major repair work. Its torn sails, which were once embellished with the flaming torch crest of Erranor, have been replaced with deep red pleats of Embari silk. It’s shabby, splintered deck reconditioned and polished, with its rails adorned with amber torches and crystal-like shards which emit a faint rosy glow.    A large stage sits between the two masts with wooden tables surrounding it. The stage on the top deck is reserved for the Rose’s contracted bards. The most popular of these performers being Madriona Enfina. Also known as Madri, Enfina is a striking, Embari half-elf with a mesmerizing, bordering on hypnotic, singing voice. The upper deck is always full for her weekly performances. Occasionally she can be found on the lower deck stage presenting a more ‘risque’ show however, these are never advertised prior to the event.    The quarterdeck, to the rear of the ship, is home to the main bar area with several tables reserved for gambling. The bar serves a variety of liquors, ales and ciders and is managed by Dwarven female by the name of Nandra Hammerfall. Nandra prides herself on brewing ‘the best ale in the capital’ though she does not excel at social interaction.   The individual crews’ quarters below deck have been carved out into a much larger area with a smaller, more intimate stage and a more modest bar area. The furniture here is more cushy. The woods are a darker shade of ebony and the chairs lined with velvet, silks and satin. The small stage plays host to risque entertainment, exotic dancing and strip shows. There is a fee of 1gp to get below deck during the evening, which can rise depending on how busy it is.    The bottom decks are completely flooded, with the bottom of the hull resting on the bottom of the harbour itself. This area has been sealed off with wooden planks, with just enough space above to store barrels and supplies.   

Notable People

   The Rose was originally adopted and adapted by the ex-leader of the Crimson Blades, Amarell Tallo, as a go-to ‘clubhouse’ for his mercenary troupe. This was before the Blades split and Amarell was forced to flee the city with his loyalists.    Before Amarell fled, however, he left the Rose in the care of one of his working girls Shae Quinnella. Rumours circulated at the time that he was madly in love with Shae, and he left her a great deal of money to keep the Rose running until he came back for her. Shae, now known as Mistress Quinella, is a haughty woman of older years, with little time for the social graces. However, she cares for ‘her’ people, offering them a nonconventional kind of tough love which is unique to older matriarchs. In recent years she has been seen less and less on either of the Rose’s decks although she never leaves the ship and spends most of her time in her quarters.   Most of the day to day running of the establishment therefore falls to her granddaughter, Rosalie. Security at the Rose is strict. It is policed by the Dusted Knuckles, a local mercenary troupe made up of bare-knuckle brawlers. The Dusted Knuckles are a permanent fixture of the Rose and are led by an Eljin mercenary, by the name of Jax (known in some circles as ‘the Jin Slayer’). Jax is an experienced warrior and his men are well trained.   


   Though the Rose is primarily a brothel, its top deck offers an enjoyable atmosphere. If you are looking for a drink and a game of cards, some entertainment or just somewhere to kick back and unwind, then you may just want to consider it as an option. However, if you are looking for some company for the night, then the Rose has plenty of it to offer (for a fee, of course). Its working girls and boys are much more down to earth, and their rates are easier on the coin purse when compared to the Golden Palace.
Brothel / Whorehouse


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