The White Boar Inn

The White Boar Inn, is a traditional tavern located within the Town of Springbrook, just behind the market square to the north.   The Boar is notably popular with workers from the Derwyn Orchards for its reasonably priced food and good selection of ales. It is managed by landlady and local half-elf Amorel Galder, who can often be found serving ale behind the bar. Amorel, is a rather short-tempered woman, with very little patience for strangers. She does, however, have a soft spot for certain loyal regulars and isn’t afraid to show it.   The decor of the inn is rather reserved to say the least, yet at the same time it possesses the kind of charm that is specific to small-town taverns. Simple wooden stools line the large wooden bar area, or perhaps you would be more comfortable with a spot at one of the various small, round tables traversing the walkway between two rustic stone fireplaces. These fireplaces are left burning all year round regardless of the weather- much to the dismay of the Boar’s regulars!   Upstairs, the Boar has a total of four rooms, ranging from 5 sp -15 sp per night. This price includes a modest breakfast cooked by head chef, Gervai Vierra. Gervai’s food is surprisingly tasty despite its simpleness, however, it is probably better if you do not inquire as to the hygiene of the area said food was prepared in...   There a two large tables with benches near the door which are often filled with card players and gamblers, especially during the evenings, if you are partial to a game of ‘Ravaelor’s Folly.’ If not, maybe you would be more interested in open stage night. This is held every 3rd and 7th day and often showcases the humble performers who failed to make the cut for the stage at the Dancing Hippogriff. However, if you are a talented sort (or not!) maybe you would like to take part.  
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