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The Kingdom of Kuldrith

The Kingdom of Kuldrith is located to the north-west of the Malvarron Empire. Its terrain is mostly rocky and mountainous, with a temperate climate to the south and glacial climate to the north. Kuldrith is known for its heavy mining industry and underground cities.   It’s capital Caldas is divided into two sections. The ’Over City’ which sprawls out above the surface, and the ’Under City’ which is made up of a network of habitable tunnels underneath the mountains surface. In Caldas, your social status is determined by how near to the surface you live, with the wealthiest individuals residing above ground.   Interestingly, Kuldrith has only one city which exists entirely on the surface- Ironcleft. Consequently, Ironcleft, is used primarily as a trading hub due to its large port and easy accessability. The Kuldri mainly export iron, steel and other metal ores, though the kingdom is perhaps most famous for its quality armour and weaponry. Kuldrithian metalsmithing is highly regarded as the best in Astaeria and quality pieces from specialist smiths can fetch high prices, especially overseas.   Kuldrith has a large dwarven population and as a result the kingdom is ruled by an appointed, dwarven king. The current monarch, King Mithas Bronzehammer, commands a very powerful army, especially skilled in swordsmanship and close range, melee combat. Not only that but Dwarven engineering has produced fine inventions in the form of advances in long range weaponry such crossbows, springnals, and Ballistas. As a result Caldas is perhaps the most heavily defended city in the whole of Astaeria.


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