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The Crab and Quipper

"Look, if ya’ve got a sensitive nose and a seafood allergy, this probably aint the place for you. If ya know how to have a good time with good ale, good company, and donnae mind the occasional brawl with a drunken sailor, well then pull up a chair and lets have a game of cards..."
Jecinda Pike - Loyal Barmaid and Patron

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  Located near Bridgeport Harbour, the Crab and Quipper is arguably the best seafood style tavern in all of Astaeria, (if you don’t mind roughing it a little of course).   As a tavern renovated from an old shipyard, the Crab and Quipper offers a selection of foods, drinks and boarding options for a very reasonable price.   With its proximity to the Bridgeport Market and Bazaar passing trade with scores of merchants, sailors and even the occasional pirate darkening its doorway  


  During the Era of Enlightenment, the Crab and Quipper was a functioning shipyard. This was until retreating sea levels rendered it useless and it declined to nought but a rundown ruin.   In 1292 A.E the land and its contents were won by retired pirate and smuggler Andreas ‘Crabby’ Crawford in a lucky hand of Revaelor’s Folly.   Inspired by the smell of the ocean and a longing for his old life, Crabby set about renovating the land, with his retirement dream of owning a quality sea food restaurant close to Bridgeport’s Market and Bazaar in mind.   Though the quality of the establishment is now questionable, we cannot deny the quality of the food and ale.   Amongst it’s peeling paint, leaky roof and plethora of old rum barrels used as furniture, the tavern still maintains some of the original features of the old shipping warehouse including cleats, and the original decking which has been sanded and polished.  


  The Crab and Quipper is very much a traditional Elvaran tavern. It has shared dorm facilities with only four beds. However, do not fear if you’ve got your sea legs on and the rooms are fully occupied; the current landlord, Ulrik Callason, allows camping on site for a nominal fee which includes breakfast, for those who need the hair of the dog.   The courtyard outside has beautiful views of The Sea of Glass and Tullis Harbour so there are certainly worse places to camp!  
  Outside, amongst the rum barrel furniture, is an old rowing boat turned stage known colloquilly as the Bardos Barca. It operates on an open stage basis, allowing anything from busking to organised shows. Some notable people who have performed at the Crab and Quipper include the halfling bard Archie Pettiford and the singer Madrionna Enfina, a Dunari performer very popular in The Grand City of Malvarron.   Other popular tavern games include Darchery, dagger throwing, wrestling and Revaelor’s Folly.  

Food and Drink

  The menu at the Crab and Quipper is displayed on the bar as you enter. Contrary to what it implies, hasn’t changed since Callason took over as landlord.   However, as the alcoholic beverages on offer are many, the regular punters care not about the repetitiveness.   Eitherway, due to being on the south coast, the Tavern benefits from a fresh fish delivery daily, so that there are no unhappy bellies.

The Rumor Mill

  Since the opening of the Tavern, there have been whispers that the treasure hoard of Crabby Crawford lies somewhere on the premises. Occasionally an out-of-towner will arrive with a shovel, but they are soon sent on their way by Callason, who has no patience for those sort of shenanigans.   The current rumours flying around the tavern seem to relate to apparent sightings of the Gryffon, the famous explorer Aemon Astaeri’s ship, which disappeared seemingly without a trace in 776 A.E. Could it be someone in the Crab and Quipper holds the key to a lost part of Elvaran history?  

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I will definitely add a section on the patrons. Maybe even but some creative writing in there for flavour.   The Tavern itself is in the city of Bridgeport near the Market and Bazaar, which you can find out about here:

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If you want to browse the best, exotic and imported goods then Bridgeport is the place to be. As the largest port on the continent, a plethora of goods find their way here from every region in Astaeria.

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