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Non-magical community

The non-magical community of the United Kingdom are, almost universally, not aware of the magical folks, due to the Pact.   Many magical folk spend at least some of their time in the non-magical community, whether that's for business, educational, or social reasons. As long as they don't reveal the presence of Albion's magic, everything's fine - but things can get awkward in some conversations.  

Esoteric and magical community

There are, of course, a range of esoteric, magical, and ritual groups among those folks not of Albion. By and large, these do not overlap with folks from Albion, but their respective workings can overlap at times. Old As The Hills involves a close look at several of these groups and what they were doing in the first year of World War 2 in particular.  


The Academy is a magical college tucked into Oxford's many colleges. Magical folk who attend Oxford matriculate and become part of the known Oxford colleges, but attend additional lectures, tutorials, and events at the Academy. (As a result, they're often known as somewhat indifferent students in their non-magical college who spend a lot of time at some solitary pursuit...)   Besides The Academy, they may also be apprenticing to someone specific during this time, or continue to an apprenticeship after their university years are over.   Giles Lefton holds a chair in Mathematics at Oxford, as well as training people in magical skills related to maths and cryptography. Several minor characters in Seven Sisters are associated with the university in various ways as well.   Geoffrey Carillon attended Oxford (Exeter College, as well as the Academy), as did Giles.  


It's common for business interests to overlap both communities.   The Pelagius shipping line has some voyages that are for magical folk only, but most of their schedule caters to a mixed community. Some of their rooms have more magical resources and tools, but the entire ship benefits from efficiences of insulation, safety, and other resources thanks to magic. Sailor's Jewel has a magical voyage, while The Fossil Door ends with a mixed voyage. Similarly, the doctor on Sailor's Jewel trained in both magical and non-magical medicine.   Similarly, Point By Point┬áhas Galen Amberly still focused on building up the family business, which is a mix of magical and non-magical imports and sales. As a result, he begins the book already having some social connections in both words.  


Albion mostly cares about the magical titles - those who hold the land magics. However, a number of those families also hold titles in the non-magical community. Fortunately, there's a certain longstanding tendency of eccentricity among the inherited nobility, and that covers a lot of minor errors.   A few people from aristocratic families do go into politics in a significant way, and at that point they tend to live mostly in the non-magical community, with occasional retreats to a private family home for magical purposes (and they may retire to the magical community later in life.)