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The Rossan-Valid Deadlands

A Homebrew / In Development game In the world of Orbido
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The Rossan-Valid Dukedom just suffered through a cataclysm after great Beasts exited the Carsil Forest to wreck havok. The only ways for the populations to survive is to either flee north and westward, or to hire any capable warrior, no matter the race or origin. A small group of adventurers, driven by either greed or the will to help, have joined together in order to drive back the hordes of monsters and restore order to the land.

This story is told by

Supporting Cast
  • Gael Torbon
    A lecherous rogue with a heart of gold. Volunteered to help Rossan-Valid through these hard times in exchange for fame. Loves hearing himself talk and mention how everything is fine while he's here. Is actually strong enough to back up his talk.
  • Duke Gedric de Nostagi
    A handsome yet timid Duke in his teenage years, completely overwhelmed by the events. Wants to protect his wife and his people from the unfolding calamity. The worst has passed, but the aftershock could be worse. His soldiers are spread thin, some trying to guard the remaining farms, others watching over the granaries. Monsters trample the firsts, bandits pillage the seconds.
  • Elder Nicholas
    A desperate elder who wishes to protect his small village. Malnourished, it seems he has sacrificed his share of food for the sake of others. Thinks of others before himself.
  • Guard-Captain Orca Malphas
    A deadly and grim body guard to the young count of Rossan-Valid. His duties as Guard-Captain do not prevent him from staying near his lord at all times, leaving his guards to handle the defense of the realm. Despite this lack of action, Orca is a force to be reconned with and will strike down any who'd dare harass Count Gedric in this testful hour.

Scheduled Sessions

Sat 19th September 2020 19:00

The return from the Taladrid Sewers

After they reached the granary and saved some children, the party must makes it way back with the supplies and make sure the path is clear for the next supply chain.