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Xah Progress Report


641 words

Worker Caste

623 words

Pongechy Dropship Carrier

472 words

The Pariahs

1030 words

Anna Esfahani

587 words


578 words

Xah Progress so far

3931 words 39.31% completed!

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Hello! Welcome to my brain repository. This is where I keep all my creative brainfarts just in case, one day, I decide to do something with them. I have three main worlds, and each one has a different origin story:  
  1. The Federation of Xah is my scifi world, originally a NationStates creation, it's expanded since to be my go-to science fiction world.
  2. Pande is my fantasy world that I've been working on in bits and pieces, for close to ten years now. This is my big project to get it all collated. It's also the setting for the novel I occasionally work on: Aeons.
  3. Finally, Iodax is my D&D homebrew multiverse that will, eventually, be unleashed on my local gaming group... if I ever get it finished.
I hope you enjoy my worlds, and please feel free to criticise and comment as much as you like.

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