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The Treacle Skirmishes

When the Goblins of Treex Aaf first came upon the treacle deposits, they set up a makeshift camp and began mining it. They found some people to sell it to, and began to make a little bit of money. Their settlement grew a little more permanent. Soon word spread of this mysterious treacle mine, as everyone knew that treacle mines were just a myth. Freanx Rafbass began to be worried that this growing fame may cause trouble for them, so encouraged the goblins to keep watch and continue to train in their warrior arts.   Her fears came true about a year after they had been there, when a group of people came along and said that the mine was on their land and thus the goblins were tresspassing. The Goblin leader at the time refused to give in and a small skirmish occurred. The attackers were not prepared for the fireceness and coordination of the Goblin fighters, but most of them were bigger than the Goblins so it was a close call. But eventually the intuders backed off, but before warning the Goblins that they would be back with more people before soon.   The Goblins were unsure how long 'soon' was so began making preparations for a seige immediately. They laid ingenious traps, and set up barricades and continued training. Freanx knew that this would not be enough, but she didn't have the heart to discourage them. They needed allies, and she thought she knew where she might find them, so off she went.   She had heard the scouts talking about a group of trolls who were wandering towards this area, looking for somewhere to settle down presumably. She approached the trolls cautiously, and although gruff and slightly menacing didn't seem like bad people. So she offered to make a deal with them. It turns out Trolls have a very large sweet tooth, so Freanx offered them a portion of treacle from the mines in return for helping them defend the mines. There was a nice set of caves on the other side of the ridge to their mine, which would make a great home. The Trolls considered this for a moment, Trolls are very careful thinkers, and agreed that this was indeed a good deal. Having been thrown from their cave by swarm of razor teeth, they were looking for somewhere new to settle down.   She led the Trolls back to the settlement and arrived not a moment too soon. The original bullies had returned with reinforcements, and although the Goblins were putiing up a good fight, it was clear they were losing. The arrival of twelve large Trolls who seemed to be on rather friendly terms with the Goblins, seemed to put the fire right out of the attackers. No one had said anything about Trolls, perhaps the Goblins should keep the mine after all.


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Aug 1, 2022 10:29

It was a thorough pleasure to read this article, I love the story and I've always had a soft spot for goblins so it's good to see them getting a win. Paying the trolls with treacle is very ingenious too :) I spotted one slight typo; it's spelt 'fierceness'. Is the treacle mine a subtle reference to Terry Pratchett's works? He mentioned having them on the Discworld.   Your formatting is very pretty, and the font works perfectly with the theme. Thanks for sharing this with the world!

Aug 27, 2022 20:51 by Laurabones

It wasn't until later that I remembered about Terry Pratchett having them. Treacle mines are actually a British urban legend/myth. I also like Goblins, and wanted to put a bit of a different spin on them. Glad you enjoyed it!

Aug 4, 2022 21:46 by Cassandra Sojourn

This is a nice little tale. I like how you portray trolls here.

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Aug 27, 2022 20:52 by Laurabones

Thankyou! I like to twist things around a little sometimes!

Aug 27, 2022 18:31 by Laria

Nice article, I love how engaging are your titles and the inclusion of the trolls. Is this alliance still going on?

Aug 27, 2022 20:53 by Laurabones

Thanks, and yes, the alliance is still going strong!