Treex Aaf

Treex Aaf is definitely on my recommended visit list, especially if you are a fan of toffee. They also happen to have the only known treacle mine in existence, a sight worth seeing at least once in your life.
Jerotus Rosethorn, explorer and travel writer


About 73 years ago a clan of Goblins, who had diplomatically vacated their homes when a (insert creature here) decided to move in, took shelter overnight in some long forgotten caves in the middle of nowhere. It being a cold night, they did the obvious thing of starting a fire to keep themselves warm. In a short while they noticed that the rock under their modest campfire appeared to be melting, and a sweet burning aroma filled the air.   After a brief bout of confusion, shouting, and demands for somebody to figure out what was going on, a small Goblin child darted forward and stuck their finger in the goop. This had two outcomes: the child burst into tears upon sticking her finger into hot goop, the parent, upon doing the time honoured tradition of sticking the offending digit in their mouth, realised the rock was also very sweet, like molasses in fact.
It must be noted here that the aforementioned parent was in fact a Dwarf, as it is a known fact that Goblins cannot taste sweet.


There is now a small thriving town in that patch of no where, and the Goblins have built comfortable lives for themselves from what turned out to be the only known deposit of natural treacle crystals in the Valley. The original cave has now been turned into a whole network of mining tunnels and caves deep into the hills of this craggy landscape The town itself has been built in a sheltered hollow nearby, and is known for producing the best toffee in the Valley.  


Most of the townsfolk are involved in the treacle mining or toffee industry, they have built their whole way of life around it. The majority of the village's income comes from trade, both in raw treacle and in the growing range of toffees it produces. From late spring through to early autumn they also get a steady flow of tourists coming through, anywhere from twenty to a hundred a day.

Guilds & Factions

Right and Honourable Association of Toffee Makers.   The Exalted Company of Miners.   Town Council  

Points of Interest

Treacle Mines   Toffee Museum   Point of outstanding natural beauty


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13 Aug, 2022 17:24

This place sounds amazing and delicious! I love that such a unique and tasty resource has saved the livelyhoods of a community and given them something to be proud of. I have to ask: Do they export their Toffee? How did word spread of their delicious treats? Is there a 'local' flavor that makes it stand out from other varieties of Toffee produced elsewhere! Inquiring (and currently hungry) minds need to know!

27 Aug, 2022 21:06

They do export their toffee yes. A wise Goblin leader was the one who forged trade relations. Since the toffee is from natural treacle it has a unique taste, and is much prized. I was hungry when I wrote these articles lol, Sorry for making you hungry too, but I'm glad you enjoyed it.