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Pongechy Dropship Carrier

When the giant Kurir class carrier enter a star system, they typically do not go any further into the system than their arrival point, far above the orbital plane. Instead, they carry a number of smaller vessels, the type depending on the nature of the journey. For military operations, the Federation of Xah has the Pongenchy class dropship carrier, used to carry the distinctive Bifyojich Dropship to its destination, and act as an orbital support station.

Power Generation

The dropship is powered by a fusion reactor that uses a tritium/deuterium mix, as with all Xahian reactors.


Propulsion is provided by an open cycle fission drive, using enriched-uranium salts dissolved in water as a propellant. The drives are immensely powerful, but dangerously radioactive, and so the vessel also has four closed-cycle fusion drives for close approach to the Kurir class carrier or planets and orbital bodies.   There is sufficient delta-V to get from the FtL jump point to any point in the system usually two or three times, but the vessel is not designed to enter anything other than high-orbit, typically a geostationary position from which it can direct operations within its zone of operations.

Weapons & Armament

The vessel is protected by eight railguns, mainly designed to target threats such as other space craft and incoming missile fire, as well as a large number of projectile cannons for point-defence. It also carries large quantities of guided kinetic projectiles used for orbital kinetic bombardment, used for ground support operations.

Communication Tools & Systems

The Pongechy Carrier also functions as a command and control centre for planetary invasion and occupation, and so is equipped with advanced communication systems not only for communication with ground forces, but also as a relay hub for communications between ground forces. It is also equipped with a long-range laser array for communications with the FourDrive enabled FtL carrier and forces that may be other locations within the system.

Hangars & docked vessels

Twelve Bifyojich Dropships are carried in a ring on the outside of the vessel in such a manner that when the Pongenchy is under thrust, the dropships are held in such a way as to provide suitable thrust gravity for the occupants. When the vessel is not under thrust (such as when docked with the Kurir class carrier, the ring can rotate, and the dropships are rotated to provide them with spin gravity.  
Left: Thrust gravity. Right: Spin gravity by Xah
Owning Organization
Related Technologies
1,300 m
1,950 m
Complement / Crew
2,500 crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
12 Bifyojich Dropships + support (~96,000 Warriors)

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21 Jan, 2023 08:55

I like the distinction of this vessel being kind of a sub-hub. I enjoy the idea of having structures of how large organizations work. Having the Kurir class as the core Hub for the Federation in a new system, the Pongechy Dropship becomes the functional Hub as far as the immediate narrative is concerned with the true hub being the overarching structure further removed from immediacy.