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Worker Caste

Unfortunately, you have failed to meet the requirements for joining your birth caste and as such will be assigned to the Worker caste. Please talk to your local Leader representative as to what this means for you, and the details of your new educational assignment. The Worker caste is a key part of The Sevenfold Path, and this is not a rejection of your place within in, but rather an important part of keeping the Federation of Xah at the forefront of human achievement. If you feel discouraged, then Leader Psychologists are available to talk to.
  The only caste not developed specially as a result of genetic testing, the Worker caste is produced from the rejects of the other castes and is responsible for all of the menial tasks that properly educated and genetically superior members of other castes do not wish to do. The populous nature of the Worker caste, making up just over fifty percent of the population of Xah, has allowed the Federation of Xah to be less reliant on robotic technologies, although such things are commonplace. Of all the Castes, the Workers are considered highly expendable, with little to no chance of contribution to future generations. Whilst this would typically produce feelings of resentment amongst the population, a lot of effort is put into convincing Workers that they are valued members of society.  


The Worker caste is a mix of all the other castes, although some are represented more than others, and as such displays a great variation in physiology. The majority are rejects from the Technical and Leader caste, and so many are quite intelligent or physically attractive and charismatic, although not to the level expected of their birth caste. Engineers are also represented in a large proportion, so there is a good number of those taller and bulkier than average. Very few Warriors end up in the Worker caste; the resources put into their physical form considered a waste in that caste, but it does happen on occasion.  

Social Structure

Workers are organised into cʌɔtgi or 'work gangs', groups who will work on the same tasks together, and live, eat and socialise in the same group. Workers will remain part of the same cʌɔtgi for life, and are expected to treat it as family. Leader caste members encourage competition between cʌɔtgi, and incentivise 'winning', in things like production output, with increased rations, access to higher grade personal affects, or increased social time. Socialisation between cʌɔtgi is discouraged, although not typically forbidden.   A particularly competent member of the Worker caste can see their rank and priviledges improve, just like in any other caste, and whilst their position will always be considered lower than a member of another caste at the same rank, their experience and knowledge is not lightly disregarded. High ranking Worker caste members are often highly valued, and only the most foolish of other castes disregard them, simply due to failures when young.

Naming Traditions

Family names

Like all Xahians, Workers receive a birth name from their Mother, and then choose a personal name when they reach the age of maturity at 16. Unlike those inducted into their birth caste however, members of the Worker caste will never receive an Ancestor Name.   Some Worker caste groups will give each other unofficial names, based on their collective tasks, location, or other communal activities, but these are not recognised by officials, and is typically discouraged.
Scientific Name:
Homo Sapien Arbite
Average lifespan: 85 years
Average Height: 1.6 - 2.0 meters
Encompassed species

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Dec 2, 2022 15:59 by Annie Stein

You can tell a lot about a society by how they treat their labourers. It is nice that the worker caste at least get some recognition (eventually, if they work really really hard for it.)

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