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The Sevenfold Path

To all Xahians, the Sevenfold Path is not only the philosophical underpinning to their very culture, but also the way they live their lives and determine their role for their entire existence. Developed over many decades during Xah's isolation, it is now the driving force behind the Xahian crusade to unify all of humanity.   At its heart, the Sevenfold Path divides society into seven distinct castes, each one devoted to an aspect of the Federation of Xah and kept in place by the belief that expertise and competency are instinctive in nature, and one's genetic expression is key to achieving personal success. By keeping the castes distinct, and only allowing the best of each to contribute to future generations, then humanity will reach its full potential.  


  The philosophy evolved in the scientific colonies on the planet of Xah, in the aftermath of the Amnesiac Virus event. After seeing humanity, once again, attempt to destroy itself, the scientists came to the conclusion that whilst humans had potential, they were clearly too immature as a species to be trusted reach that potential unguided. They decided that to save humanity from itself, genetic lineage should be managed, and only the best genetic expressions be allowed to continue. Eventually, with guidance and management, humanity would ascend to a form that was above the animalistic desires that affected it, and would reach its true and final potential. They identified four critical areas that they established as being vital for humanity to flourish:
  • strength, robustness, and well-being
  • dexterity, precision and attention to detail
  • creativity, investigation, and rational thinking
  • charisma, maturity and decisiveness
These four areas would evolve to become the early concepts for four of the seven final castes; the warrior, engineer, technical and leader castes. The farmer caste was added in recognition that altruism and a sharing of resources was also important, the mother caste was added to avoid the issues that had plagued the creation of artificial wombs, and the belief that humans benefited best from biological mothers, and the worker caste was finally added as a place for all those who were not adequate enough to fit with the others.   Early work focused on the creation of the Warrior caste, as the scientists knew that humanity would not surrender its freedom lightly. Early warriors were genetically enhanced, and further improved with prosthetics and performance enhancing substances. Using these primitive but effective soldiers, all of Xah was unified, and the scientists began the process of forming society on the world to their new ideals. By the time this work was complete, engineers had developed new space-faring transports, and early scouts had revealed the state of the rest of the system.  

Core Principles

  The Sevenfold Path is named after the seven castes that divide humanity, and exemplified by the following statements:
  • Excellence is attained through Genetic Purity
  • Strive and succeed and your Genes will Contribute
  • Keep to your Caste, and your Caste will provide
Its ultimate goal is to first create humans who will excel at their assigned role, and then to combine these avatars into a new species of human who are fit to take humanity further, and reach their final potential. As part of this, an individual is expected to work within their caste, in the role that has been assigned to them based on their aptitudes and the needs of the wider Xahian society. If an individual is skilled, works hard, and applies themselves to their tasks, then they can rise through the ranks. Individuals who reach the highest ranks are then eligiable to be a Contributor, where their genes will be used to create a new generation of Xahians.  

The Ranks

  Xahians are intently aware of their position in society; every role, every individual, has a place within the scale, and everyone knows precisely how they're related to any other Xahian. Even the Worker caste, whose members can never be considered for genetic contribution, know where they place and whilst a member of another caste or the same level outranks them, high ranking Workers are still accorded respect and authority over their respective field. The lowest rank 'nʌtt' is reserved for juveniles who have yet to graduate from their caste, with its four sub ranks to allow for progression of exceptional individuals.  
PohkoDirect translation
ɟink mɛbisuperior nine
ɟʌmɛbiupper nine
nʌmɛbilower nine
ɟink mɛʧesuperior eighth
ɟʌmɛʧeupper eighth
nʌmɛʧelower eighth
ɟink mɛesuperior seventh
ɟʌmɛeupper seventh
nʌmɛelower seventh
ɟink mɛnʌngdsuperior sixth
ɟʌmɛnʌngdupper sixth
nʌmɛnʌngdlower sixth
ɟink mɛwusuperior fifth
ɟʌmɛwuupper fifth
nʌmɛwulower fifth
ɟink mɛdopfsuperior fourth
ɟʌmɛdopfupper fourth
nʌmɛdopflower fourth
ɟink mɛbosuperior third
ɟʌmɛboupper third
nʌmɛbolower third
ɟink mɛmasuperior second
ɟʌmɛmaupper second
nʌmɛmalower second
ɟink mɛlʌsuperior first
ɟʌmɛlʌupper first
nʌmɛlʌlower first
ɟink ʌttsuperior zeroth
ɟʌʌttupper zeroth
nʌʌttlower zeroth

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