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The Federation of Xah has, for over 16 centuries, been attempting to further human evolution by genetically selecting future generations from only the best of the six castes that The Sevenfold Path dictates. Because of this process, many anthropologists have determined that the population of Xah who can claim to be a product of this can be identified as a sub-species of human, with the various castes being a further categorisation of that sub-species.   Whether this is truly the case, even on a basic level, is debatable, but it is something that the Federation of Xah believes whole-heartedly and forms the basis of their entire philosophy.

Basic Information


The geneticists of Xah made (and continue to make) no distinction with such minor distinctions of heritage or skin colour when choosing the genetic traits for the early generations of Xahians, and as such the population is highly homogenous in traits such as skin, hair and eye colour, and facial morphology. Xahians have olive coloured skin, eyes of dark to light brown and a slight epicanthic fold, with slightly wavy, dark brown hair (although culturally, most Xahians keep their hair short). Occasionally, recessive genes will produce light hair colours, or even blue eyes, but this is unusual.  
Scientific Name
Homo Sapien Xah
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