War of the Burning Sky

The War of the Burning Sky, a conflict between the dragon and giant nations, almost ended the world. As the mortal people cowered in caves and forests, those mighty first children of the gods rained magical destruction upon each other. The great god Diben Maraud was prepared to wipe out his creation and start over until the child god Naraky performed a trick to bring about the end of the War.

We orcs were the foot soldiers in that war. The giants bred us to kill and to die for them and we went gladly. Millions of my kind burned to death underneath draconic fury, fighting until their dying breath. What a glorious way to die!

No one remembers how the war between the giants and the dragons began. As the first children of the gods, these enormously powerful beings grew out of their homelands and began to encroach on each other's territories through pure manifest destiny. Perhaps a giant child knocked a wyrmling out of the sky. Perhaps a dragon preyed on some young giants who came into their hunting grounds. Regardless of the reason, these avatars of elemental power went to war with each other.

The war raged for a thousand years, sinking continents, flattening mountains, and raising volcanoes all over the world. The gods' newer children: the elves, dwarves, humans, orcs, and goblins; cowered beneath the trees and in caves under the hills. The dragons and giants wielded the elements themselves as their weapons, and entire mortal civilizations perished in fire, lightning, cold, and poison.

Rage of the Creator

The creator god Diben Maraud returned from one of his multiversal journeys aghast at the destruction taking place upon his creation. He prepared the Lathe of Time to wipe out his creation so that he could start anew. The gods began to retreat from the world. The giants and dragons took no notice. The mortal races despaired and cried out for help.

The only god who listened was the child god Naraky, who cried to his mother that he didn't want his playmates to die. He did what a child does, he played a trick to get what he wanted.

Switched at Birth

Naraky performed his first great trick known as Naraky's First Egg. Using his divine trickery magic, he switched the Dragon Dauphin in his egg with the Giant Princess in her womb. When they were born their parents were shocked to discover that each of their heirs was in the hands of their greatest enemy. A cease-fire was called to negotiate the exchange of the children.

The Draco-Giant Truce

The leader of the dragons, Emperor Harmonic Horizon flew alone into the giant stronghold of Sollo to secure the return of his heir. He proposed that the two sides retreat to their ancestral homelands. The giants would pull back to Sollo and the dragons would return to Darastrix Tolgalen. They would both remain there for a thousand years before leaving the boundaries of their homes.

The giants agreed and the Rod of the Red Dome of Heaven was exchanged to mark the ocassion. The great war ended, and the mortal races finally had time and room to expand to their full potential. The Age of Mortals had begun.

Conflict Type
Battlefield Type


Giant Tribes


5,000 adult dragons

10,000 adult giants


2,500 adult dragons and millions of insignificant mortals.

6,000 adult giants and millions of tiny mortals.


To exterminate the Giant Tribes and rule the world.

To exterminate the Dragon Empire and rule the world.

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Absolutely live your selection of Dragons and Giants and I love the end of the war through trickery.

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The epic nature of this article is amazing! It would make a good story if the narrative was expanded out, seen from the viewpoint of the poor mortals caught in the middle. The actions of Naraky are very clever.

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It's interesting that the conflict was resolved by basically the 5th party. You have the two parties at war, one party is collateral damage, the creator wants to reset the world and then there's Naraky saving the day through trickery. Well written article, really liked it.   One piece of feedback, in the section "Switched at Birth", I had some trouble with the sentence "Using his divine trickery magic, he switched the Dragon Dauphin in his egg with the Giant Princess in her womb." Maybe I forgot to read the actual heading, but "he", "his", "her" and not really knowing whether Dauphin is a term or a name, made it a complex sentence.

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Thanks, and that's a good analysis of it! I hadn't thought of it that way. Also, my pronouns are definitely janky. I'll go through and do edits when I can after SC is all the way done!

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This article was very fun to read! I love the story. I also love Naraky's way of resolving the conflict. Great article!

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