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Rʌmɔgʌtɲ (ROO-moh-goot-ny)

One of the most important events in a Xahians life is their gradutation, or 'rʌmɔgʌtɲ', when they finally leave their education, and become a fully-fledged member of their caste. It occurs when a Xahian is 21, having passed their final examinations, gained their specialist training, and is considered worthy to be a caste member.   For most Xahians, this event never happens; particularly in castes such as the Leader Caste or the Technical Caste, where the pass rate is only about 25 to 30%, most born with aspirations to those castes will become part of the Worker caste instead. For those who do achieve it, their potential has been acknowledged, and is one of the proudest moments of their life.


Early in the formation of the Federation of Xah, it was realised that whilst it was important to create as many potential candidates as possible for each of the castes, it was also important to both limit entry into a caste, and to ensure that only best were allowed in. Additionally, the vital nature of the Worker caste was quickly becoming apparent, and the leaders of Xah needed to ensure a good supply into that caste as well.   Educational achievement became the benchmark for success, with training becoming successively more specialised as a Xahian progressed, and the pass rate becoming more difficult. Exams at age 10, 16 and 21 weeded out those who lacked the intellect, motivation or attitude to become full contributors.   The final progression at 21 therefore became quite the event, especially as it occured for entire ʧudɔr at the time. Thousands of newly qualified Xahians could now celebrate their graduation.


The nature of a Xahian's final assessments were as varied as the skills and roles that said individuals were expected to be able to perform, but those responsible for the assessment always ensure that the results are issued on the same date across the entire ʧudɔr in a system. This allows the celebrations to be concentrated, and not split across a prolonged period of time.   As well as an occasion for young Xahians to finally let their hair down after years of intense education and competitiveness, new graduates often receive gifts from their prospective new caste mates, with whom they will now be working with. Such gifts are often related to a graduate's new position, such as papers on the intricacies of their work, or special pieces of hard-to-find equipment, but also less formal, such as rare recreational substances, or foodstuffs from distant star systems.   The most important gift a Xahian will receive is their new rank insignia and work clothing, finally declaring to the wider society a person's position in the Federation of Xah. The emergance of a new graduate with their clothing and new insignia is considered a high point in the celebration, with many recordings being taken.


Whilst an event largely confined to those who graduation into their caste of birth, the event is also acknowledged within the Worker caste, although the celebrations are far more muted. Instead of being recognition of success (as to be in the Worker caste means a failure of your examinations), rʌmɔgʌtɲ is instead a way to bond with your new Worker caste companions, acknowledge where one failed, and commit to contributing towards the wider society in a new way. Far more consumption of recreational, mind-altering substances is done by the Worker caste at this stage, and the Leader caste is lenient for a few days afterwards with regards recovery.
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