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Nightflyer0ne's WorldEmber 2021
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Nightflyer0ne Progress Report

Actually considering doing NaNoWriMo.

Balcroft River

A swift-running river that runs between Troyso and Galieri.

228 words

Aibeth Ocean

Ocean that lies between the continents of Iolera and Aqora.

85 words

Prioshora Ocean

Ocean located between the continents of Aqora, Usluin and Stritos.

82 words

Iofora Sea

The Iofora Sea is located in the northern Aibeth Ocean between Iolera and Aqora.

130 words

Nianere Sea

The Nianere Sea is located in the south-west Prioshora Ocean. It is almost entirely surrounded by the Jubrines Islands.

96 words

Lolga Bluepeak

Lolga Bluepeak is the current Countess of Farshore

113 words


Capital of the County of Farshore

87 words

Ashbourne River

54 words

Coldmere-Arnistino Trade Route

A trade route that extends north-south from Coldmere to the port of Arnistino

107 words


The town of Glenarm stands as the county seat of Ashbourne as well as the ducal seat of Carcoswald. It is located at the mouth of the river Ashbourne.

139 words


The county of Chesterfield runs along the north-eastern shore of Lake Pilnola and stretches across to the northern shore of the Osisus Ocean.

157 words


Ashbourne County extends along the Ashbourne River from the Caradover Wilds down to Lake Pilnola.

122 words


The county of Barcombe is south-east of Orlelenor, and runs along the lower half of the Balcroft River.

110 words


The county of Bellmare is the southern-most county in Troyso, and contains the southern part of the Bexlow Forest.

121 words


The county of Blackwick is the southern half of the duchy of Brittlecairn, and contains the bulk of the forest known as the Caradover Wilds.

104 words


The county of Dalhurst is located along the middle of the northern coast of Troyso.

91 words

Wimbourne River

The Wimbourne River is the longest river in Troyso. It springs from the mountains surrounding Arrow Pass and finally empties into the mouth of the Tamlam River.

197 words

Arpton Keep

Located in Whitich, Arpton Keep is home to the Counts of Rimestrand

90 words


Farshore lies south of Ashbourne county, and north of the county Southwold.

150 words

Great Trade Route of Troyso

The Great Trade Route of Troyso runs from Den Tharum to Oakencrest.

323 words

Whitich-Fairmouth Trade Route

This minor trade route services areas in the south-east of Troyso

161 words

Tromange Bay

The Tromange Bay is part of the Eulivera Ocean and lies between the countries of Galieri, Touhaba and Troyso.

102 words


Rimestrand is a resource-rich county in the eastern portion of Troyso.

231 words


Southwold is a county located on the south-western border of Troyso, on the west bank of the lower Tamlam River.

133 words


The county of Tabrela stretches from the northwest corner of Bexlow Forest to Draysard Pass in the mountains, and down to the Balcroft River.

260 words


The county of Tallwick is located south of Lake Pilnola, where the waters of the Wimbourne and Lower Tamlam Rivers meet.

170 words


Arrowhead is a Troyso settlement near the entrance to the former Arrow Pass.

127 words


The Duchy of Carcoswald is composed of the Counties of Ashbourne and Whitscar.

120 words


The county of Whitscar is located on the northwestern coast of Troyso.

116 words


The county of Wildemere stretches from the southern shores of Lake Pilnola and the lower Tamlam River to the northwest reaches of Orlelenor and Bexlow Forest.

150 words


The county of Wimbourne stretches from the lowest point of the Useron Bay to the northeastern boundary of Orlelenor and the Bexlow Forest.

199 words


The small town of Runswich, in County Kernwith, is known best for the large healing temple complex, The Xotaoleian

49 words

Fort Sasenza

Fort Sasenza is a Galieran outpost strategically placed at the mouth of the Balcroft River in the Agrindisi Mountains.

89 words

Valerio Palmiero

Valerio Palmiero is a famous Galieran architect and artist.

74 words


The country town of Torrine was recently made the county seat for Tabrela, and the duchy seat for Chiador.

150 words


The port city of Fairmouth is the seat of the county of Barcombe.

231 words


Located at the mouth of Draysard Pass, the town of Draysard is the first town reached from the one mountain entrance into Troyso.

394 words


The dimensional plane of Aiwoth is home to the elements in their raw form.

84 words

Eulivera Ocean

The Eulivera Ocean spans between the continents of Iolera, Stritos and Usluin.

83 words


84 words


88 words


66 words


86 words


71 words

Pilgrimage of the Covenant

Every twenty-five years, the kings and queens of Troyso honor the founding of their kingdom by making the long pilgrimage from the capitol of Oakencrest to Den Tharum.

902 words

Beradin Greateye

Beradin Greateye is famous for his journeys of exploration that brought the continents of Iolera and Aqora into contact with the double continent of Stritos and Usluin.

1235 words


The Waterwitch was the ship in which Beradin Greateye made his famous voyage from Iolera to Stritos and Usluin.

351 words


Cardend is a tiny fishing hamlet located at the northernmost point of Chalk Bluff in Troyso.

177 words

Angry Halibut

Located in the tiny fishing hamlet of Cardend, the Angry Halibut is a small public house that primarily caters to locals.

143 words

Chalk Bluff Point Beacon

The Chalk Bluff Point Beacon is a simple lighthouse with one lamp.

90 words

Chalk Bluff

Chalk Bluff is the northernmost promontory in Troyso. It gets its name from the steep white chalk cliffs that descend to the small beaches below.

140 words

Singing Ram Inn

The Singing Ram Inn is the oldest structure still standing in Coldmere. Originally a simple public house and meeting place, it has since been expanded and remodeled into a full inn.

331 words

Stagmeadow Manor

Built outside of Coldmere, Stagmeadow Manor was originally a hunting lodge for the leaders of Clan Brittlecairn.

262 words

Freeridge Traders' Post

The Freeridge Traders' Post in Coldmere is a combination general store and wholesale purchaser of Brittlecairn Wool from the local shepherds.

337 words

Marna Leafshadow

Marna Leafshadow is the halfling innkeeper at Coldmere's Singing Ram Inn.

168 words

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Hi, I'm Nightflyer0ne, or rugrat0ne in some circles. This is my first worldbuilding attempt, but I hope you'll find it interesting. Right now, I'm just focusing on one country, Troyso, and filling the rest out in broad strokes as needed. I hope someday to use this as a setting for a D&D game or four, but we'll see.