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Marna Leafshadow

Marna Leafshadow (She/her)

Marna Leafshadow is the halfling innkeeper at Coldmere's Singing Ram Inn. She was the third child of Oribin and Saelle Leafshadow, and found herself in charge of the establishment when her four siblings travelled away from Coldmere to find adventure, warmth, or suitable spouses. The hardworking halfling woman inherited the inn at age 119, when her father died in 1235. Her hope is to locate one of her siblings' descendants, to keep the inn in the family, but she has also been talking with various businesspeople about the possibility of selling the Ram to provide for her retirement, instead.
Year of Birth
1117 NE 148 Years old
Current Residence
Ruled Locations

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Cover image: People Header by Nightflyer0ne
Character Portrait image: by Nightflyer0ne with ArtBreeder


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