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Singing Ram Inn

The Singing Ram Inn is the oldest structure still standing in Coldmere. Originally a simple public house and meeting place, it has since been expanded and remodeled several times. The common room has been expanded, and a kitchen added to the back. Sleeping rooms were added on a second floor, making it a true inn, and a section partitioned off as living quarters for the owners. A small stable and yard were also added on the northern side of the building.   Built by Dunken Mirthbough in 863 NE, the building remained in the family until 1151 when Grondem Mirthbough sold it to a Halfling businessman named Oribin Leafshadow. Currently, Oribin's daughter, Marna, runs the establishment with masterful efficiency.   The inn serves a wide array of drinks, including ale, beer, stout, and mead. They also have a small selection of wine and harder liquors. There is also a limited menu of foods, mostly stew and roast with vegetables. In the morning, porridge is available to fortify the hungry traveler. Meals are 3 sp each, and a mug of brew will cost you 4 cp.   Six beds are available upstairs, in a common room. Each bed costs 5 sp a night. Baths cost extra, and are rather expensive, especially as there is no private bathing room. There is only one tub available, and it costs 2 gp to use it. To lodge your horse inside the stable costs 2 sp, and only 5 cp to put it in the open paddock, instead.
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