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Pilgrimage of the Covenant

Every twenty-five years, the kings and queens of Troyso honor the founding of their kingdom by making the long pilgrimage from the capitol of Oakencrest to Den Tharum, the dwarven stronghold where the treaty that ended the War of the False Prophet was signed in 1073 NE.   Although the original concept was for the pilgrimage to be taken on foot, over time that custom has deteriorated due to safety concerns and the length of the journey. Nowadays, monarchs only take the last mile or so on foot, in a symbolic act.  
"It was a joy, and an honor, to walk in the same footsteps as my great-grandfather. I was humbled that I should have been chosen to lead his people in this day."
— Diaries of Queen Seshora
  They and their nobles are greeted by a delegation of dwarves from the Conclave of Nobles and led inside to where the Treaty of Den Tharum is kept careful preserved. Speeches are made by various parties, and then all the official attendees are led to a banquet hall for feasting and drink.   The trip itself is a logistical nightmare, requiring multiple coaches for all the attending nobles, and a sizeable baggage train. The pilgrimage also needs to be timed so that the monarch arrives by the first of Greenbirth, the signing date of the accord. This means travelling in the month of Mudthaw, at the end of winter and the time of thawing, meaning the roads are often frozen ruts or clogged with a morass of mud.  
"The carriage is mired in mud up to the wheel hubs. The porters are uncertain if they will be able to free the caravan by nightfall, but assure us that the inn is just a short walk from here. Walk! At my age!"
— Personal Papers of Voe Fiststriker, Count of Blackwick
  Security is another issue, both on the road and at home. Noble manors are often left poorly guarded while their owners are away. The route itself is well known to all, as the Great Trade Route of Troyso is the only reasonable way to get to Den Tharum. The guards can clear sections of the roadway as the procession approaches, but they cannot stop crowds of travelers and onlookers from hanging around at the verge of the road. As well, it is traditional that anyone and everyone who wishes to make the pilgrimage, even a portion of it, with the King is invited to follow along behind.   Still, the custom persists, as it is seen as an act of humility and an honoring of history and tradition by the common people. Any king or queen who refused to go on the pilgrimage would be viewed with much disfavor and discontent, and the same tends to go for the regional nobles, as well. In cases of sickness or infirmity, one might send the heir to the throne, instead, but that is the only allowance made.  
"I jogged along with the carriages for a good five miles. It was a sight to see. I would have loved to journey to the dwarven hall with them, but the shop needs tending."
— Hakvam Forecreek, Whitich local
  Few of the populace know that this pilgrimage was meant to be a yearly event, as begun by King Ramun Seaspire at the beginning. This, however, was soon found to be highly inconvenient for both the king and the dwarven nobles, and in the fifth year of the Kingdom it was declared to be an event that would occur every five years, instead. Ramun's heir, King Stronvor, took things further, announcing in 1123 that the pilgrimage would only be celebrated every 25 years. Stronvor's proclamation was highly unpopular, as the pilgrimage generated much in the way of business along the Trade Route. Stronvor gained the moniker "Skinflint" as a result.   In 1173, for the cenntenial, Queen Seshora restored the pilgrimage to once every five years. She realized in the coming years why her grandfather had made the change to 25. The dwarves were unhappy at having to host the event at all, and the stewards needed more time between pilgrimages to plan. In 1183 she reissued Stronvor's 25 year decree. This is where the practice stands to this day.
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This s a great article. Though it is quiet on the eyes it is far from boring to look at. I don't see how images would improve it. Well done!

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16 Jan, 2022 16:45

Fantastic work here! I love how the tradition has evolved, and that the kings and queens still at least make SOME of the journey on foot.

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