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Freeridge Traders' Post

The Freeridge Traders' Post in Coldmere is a combination general store and wholesale purchaser of Brittlecairn Wool from the local shepherds. Almost every household with a flock makes the late spring journey down to Coldmere to sell their wool staples to the Freeridges and purchase any items they might need for the year. The Traders' Post is a family business that has run for several generations. Currently, it is owned by brothers Toldirk and Wesha Freeridge. Toldirk handles the purchasing and shipping, while Wesha tends the storefront.   The Freeridges' business model is to purchase up all the local wool each spring, and then Toldirk sets out in a caravan down the Coldmere-Arnistino Trade Route until he can sell the wool at Mirstone, to the bargemen headed south from there. Then he purchases goods for restocking the general store, according to Wedan's instructions, and returns home with a tidy profit. Prices for wool vary based on how much production is expected in a particular year, compared to the likely demand for the goods in Arnistino and elsewhere.   Being Coldmere's, and in fact, the county of Lanercost's only store, they also do a good bit in trading for other items in exchange for store credit or coin. Wedan will also act as pawnbroker on occasion, when a neighbor is hard on their luck.

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Corporation, Commerce
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