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Draysard (ˈDray-Sard)

Located at the mouth of Draysard Pass, the town of Draysard holds a unique position. As the first town one reaches from the one mountain entrance into Troyso, it is naturally focused around trade. Many merchants prefer to move farther into the country where profits can be higher, to Whitich or even as far as Oakencrest to make their sales, of course. Still, there are some, especially those who deal in perishable goods, who prefer to unload what they can in Draysard. The town's other primary industry is mining, as the Shauram Mountains are rich with ores of different types. Most commonly, the inhabitants of Draysard trade their local iron in exchange for timber out of Geirsa.   Draysard was the county seat of Tabrela until recently, and home to Count Ondor Longrun and his family. However, in 1261, when Duke Vau Treeheart came to power, he changed Longrun's title to that of Count of Barcombe, relocating him to Fairmouth. Then, the Duke named the smaller town of Torrine as his ducal seat, cutting out Draysard completely. The loss of prestige from this change was felt deeply by the townsfolk of Draysard, and there has been much muttering about it since.
Large town
Ruling/Owning Rank
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