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Whitich (ˈWhih-Tihch)

The city of Whitich is situated on the convergence of three trade routes, one coming down from Den Tharum with goods of dwarven make, one from Draysard Pass, carrying exotic imports from beyond the mountain, and one from Fairmouth, bringing perishable luxuries from the harbor. The city boasts two blacksmiths, a cartwright, supply shop, and multiple inns of varying prices and reputations. Towering over it all is Arpton Keep, home to the Counts of Rimestrand, for this is also the county seat. Outside it you can find a job board, with offerings for everything from farm help to merchant escorts to the occasional daring expedition.   And then there is the market. No one could miss that cacophony of noise. Ringed by storefronts, it dominates the town square on market days. It runs three times a week, at the end on Nulenesday and Xedesday, then midweek on Kaunasday. Booths and tents are set up in careful rows, and marshals make sure no one infringes on another merchant's space. It is a feast for both the eyes and the nose, as brightly colored silks and exotic spices speak of countries far away, the scents of fabled Shiabia; intricate, expensive glassware from Aswarn. One man is selling round orange fruit, as well as oddly shaped yellow and green ones, brought up from Chauriel. Linen and cotton are available from a variety of sellers, some of them local.   There are also the dwarven goods, heavy armor and keen blades - everything from swords to kitchen knives. Decorative wrought iron of high quality. There are the works of goldsmiths and silversmiths there, with finely wrought jewelry. Of course, not as fine as if one traveled to Kelna, the dwarven trading city, but much
closer to civilization. For the smiths in town, the miners have brought rare mithril down from the mountains and are haggling for the best price. They know they can get a better price here than in Draysard, if they can afford the trip.   Food vendors walk the aisles of the marketplace, crying their wares. Meat pies, cheese pastries, and sweet rolls are all to be found somewhere in the press of people. Other street sellers bear ribbons, sewing needles and pins, and all sorts of small and sundry notions.   When you're ready for a break from the press and the noise, there is the fountain in the center, a popular spot, and crowded, or perhaps one of the permanent shops around the verge of the market. You could get that new linen done up in a dress by a seamstress, or buy a loaf of bread and some cheese, if you don't trust the street vendors.   Overseeing all this chaotic festivity is the countess, Shalsie Solidspark. She used to come and mingle in the square, especially on market days, but folk have noted that they see her less and less since her husband's untimely death. She has begun to wear gloves everywhere, and stays within the confines of the Keep1. Rumors are circulating that she has become ill. The countess denies that anything has gone amiss, claiming an increase of paperwork as the reason she has not had as much free time as before. Townsfolk are becoming skeptical of these excuses, and worry about the state of both city and county should she fall ill. However, the countess and her late husband have two healthy sons, so the populace should rest easy in the knowledge that the line of succession is assured.
1Glove-wearing and staying out of sight can be signs of Infernal Blight.


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