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Wheelwright Inn

"Good food, good beds, excellent drink...what more can I say?"
— Grer Chergug, traveling salesman
Right next to the Whitich wheelwright, you will find The Wheelwright Inn. The place may pay homage to its name with small wooden wheels put up everywhere, but everyone knows the real meaning of the sign. Its tavern room is a local staple, and with good reason.   The inn is 4 stories tall, with a generous stable at the side, with plenty of room for merchant wagons. In fact, its stables and storage are its biggest selling points. As the name suggests, the inn gets most of its overnight business from folks traveling the trade routes to the capital.   The taproom, however, is often just as full with regulars as with merchants from out of town. The food at the Wheelwright is hearty and filling, with fresh baked bread purchased from the baker's down the street each day. The Halfling cook isn't fancy in her recipes, but her simple stews and roasts leave taste buds watering.   As for the ale, well, just ask any citizen you meet. The innkeeper, a Firbolg named Kearan, brews his own ales, beer, and cider. There's imported varieties if you want them, but locals know that Kearan's is the best.  
"Kearan? He's a good sort. A bit...odd, but his beer's delicious."
— Okrom Waterbend, local
  Upstairs, there are two flights of rooms. Decently sized, with two beds each, the rooms are basic accommodation, but they are clean and the sheets fresh. The upper floor is for family and staff. Yes, Kearan has a family, and hopes one day his daughter will take over the business.   There's a large stable in the back, and a long shed for wagon storage overnight. Kearan gets a lot of travelling merchants, and the extra security is welcomed. The inn has several trained dogs, too, to set off an alarm should anyone try to break into the stable yard.  
"We always stop here. The wagon stabling is pricey, but well worth it!"
— Gordiano Testa, caravan merchant
Founding Date
Parent Location
Bed 5 copper ea.
Room (2 Beds) 1 silver
Bath 5 copper
Soap and Towels 2 copper
Stabling for Horse 3 copper
Wagon Storage 2 silver
Beer 1 copper
Ale 1 copper
Cider 2 copper
Wine 3 copper
(Imported Brews, add 1 cp.)
Meat and Potato Stew with Bread 3 copper
Roast with Potatoes and Bread 3 copper
Porridge with Milk (Mornings only) 2 copper

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