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Tabrela (Tah-ˈBreh-La)

The county of Tabrela stretches from the northwest corner of Bexlow Forest to Draysard Pass in the mountains, and down to the Balcroft River. It is part of the duchy of Chiador. The county seat is the small town of Torrine, located on the Whitich-Fairmouth Trade Route. This is also now the ducal seat of Chiador, as the current Duke, Vau Treeheart relocated it from Fairmouth, in the county of Barcombe, when he came to power in 1261. He constructed his new manor house there because he "liked the quiet." This sparked much controversy, and angered the town councils of Fairmouth, Torrine, and even Draysard for various different reasons.
Geopolitical, County / March
Leader Title
Head of State
Parent Organization
Controlled Territories

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