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Balcroft River (ˈBAL-kroft)

The Balcroft (or Balcelita) River is a swift-running river that runs between Troyso and Galieri. It forms a natural boundary between the two countries, and ownership of the waters has been a contested point for centuries. Even the name is up for debate, with the Galierans referring to it as the Balcelita, whereas the Troyci call it the Balcroft.   The river springs forth in the north of the Agrindisi Mountains near the Galieran outpost of Fort Sasenza, winds its way past the fishing villages of Cirrane and Lafiera, before going under the Double Jubilee Bridge that connects the cities of Pavorno and Fairmouth and then emptying into the Tromange Bay.
Alternative Name(s)
Balcelita River
Contested By

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