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Double Jubilee Bridge

This expanse of white marble spans the Balcroft River between the cities of Pavorno and Fairmouth in two soaring arches. The bridge itself is wide enough for four wagons side by side, plus room for pedestrians. The bridge handles foot and vehicle traffic between the countries of Troyso and Galieri. The top of the bridge was supposed to house market stalls, but that plan was cancelled after protest from the Troyso authories, as they claim most of the river.   The bridge was not actually named due to its double vaults, but rather was designed that way for a specific civic event. It was aimed to be completed in time for Pavorno's celebration of 100 years as a city. In reality, it was finished over a decade later, in 1587, due to material delays.   The Double Jubilee Bridge was designed by famed Galieran architect Valerio Palmiero, and is considered by many to be his greatest work. It has been a common subject in many artworks since its completion.
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