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Stagmeadow Manor

Built outside of Coldmere, Stagmeadow Manor was originally a hunting lodge for the leaders of Clan Brittlecairn, the Seaspire Dynasty. Over time, the original rough wooden structure was transformed into a stone building of reasonable comfort. Small by most manorial standards, it is an impressive dwelling for the region it was built in.   The basic stone structure still stands, along with a hodge-podge of additions, extensions and abandoned projects, giving testement to its role as manor of the Crown Prince. Many owners have come and gone as the fates of the succession have changed. Originally the capitol building for Troyso as a whole, the manor still acts as administrative center for the county of Lanercost and the duchy of Brittlecairn. While this is often inconvenient to the ruling Duke, no suitable building has yet to be constructed within Coldmere itself.
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Manor house / Meeting hall
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