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Beradin Greateye (ˈBEAR-ah-din)

Beradin Strarar (a.k.a. Beradin Greateye)

A Dwarven sailor from the coastal fishing village of Naghrim, Uthain, Beradin Greateye is famous for his journeys of exploration that brought the continents of Iolera and Aqora into contact with the double continent of Stritos and Usluin. In 1198 he sailed from Troyso to the Dwarven kingdom of Deldorel. He followed this discovery with a successful journey from the Jubrines in Aqora to Itapevi in Usluin.  

Early Years

  Beradin was born in 1002 in the small fishing village of Naghrim, Uthain. In 1049 he ran away to the port city of Hor Darom, and signed up on one of the many coastal schooners there. He developed his fascination with foreign cultures when he sailed as a midshipman with the Ikasillit schooner vessel The Qasoq. At the age of 85, it was his first visit to the shores of Aqora. Over his lifetime, the Iofora Sea and the Aibeth Ocean became charted better, and the invention of dead reckoning navigation, and improved star charts for sailing by the stars, led to more direct routes. Beradin mastered these arts and became a navigator on the sailing brig Firebrand in 1119. He began to wonder if there was more out there to see.  

A Grand Adventure

  In 1188, Beradin travelled across Iolera from his home country of Uthain to the very north-western reaches, in Troyso. He knew, as a sailor, that the world of Kadeth was round, and could not accept that the majority of it was simply water. He was certain he could find other kingdoms and cultures.   Beradin assumed that he would have the best shot of finding other lands through dead reckoning by sailing west from the western port of Arnistino. There, he was able to convince the Company of Merchant Adventurers of Troyso to back his expedition, with much emphasis on acquiring new trade goods and opening fresh trade routes. They procured a crew and a ship for him, the famous Waterwitch, in exchange for a hefty percentage of the profits. On the 17th of Mudthaw Beradin and his crew sailed forth into the unknown.  


  On the 16th of Greenbirth, just before the Waterwitch would have been forced to turn back due to limited water rations, the crew witnessed shore birds flying overhead in flocks. Sensing that they were close to land, Beradin pressed on past the point of no return. Within three days of this sight, the sailor manning the crow's nest called out that land had finally been sighted.   The Waterwitch was met very cautiously by boats filled with guardsmen from the port city of Kum Furum, Deldorel. The Dwarves of this new kingdom were wary of strangers appearing out of nowhere, but the presence of a Dwarf at the helm helped to reassure them. After spending several days in Deldorel, Beradin and his crew sailed southward, making more contacts and trades as they went. They made contact with a second Dwarven kingdom, Vorgrum, and sailed past the impassable Virmark Mountains that divided Stritos from Usluin.   In Usluin, they made landfall in Cragbay, Friona, and were astonished to find multiple races living and ruling together. The Waterwitch moved on to the Elven kingdom of Helebura, and the Human kingdom of Jiquinale before the Company representative insisted that they turn for home with the goods and knowledge that they had procured. The Waterwitch returned to Arnistino, but Beradin did not stay still for long, immediately outfitting a new ship for a repeat voyage. He made five voyages in total for the Company of Merchant Adventures.  

A Second Venture

  By 1202, Beradin was restless for more. Having linked Stritos and Usluin to Iolera, he now wanted to cross the Prioshora Ocean from Usluin to Aqora. Unfortunately, his first few ventures were unsuccessful. Even with extra water barrels strapped to the sides of the ship, he had to turn back. The folks who were willing at first to back him financially began to fall away, and the money for expeditions dried up. Aquora could not be reached from Usluin, the public concluded.   Beradin decided to make one last attempt in 1214. The venture money had all dried up, so he had no choice but to fund his own expedition. He purchased an Uthain-made brig that he named the Magron, and decided to take a new approach. He began his journey in Aquora, sailing from the farthest isle of the @Jubrines, Nereira. This time, having embarked from the point nearest to Usluin, Beradin was finally able to make it to his destination. Unfortunately, the route was not considered to be economically viable at the time, and Beradin lost money on the venture.  

Life in a Round World

  Beradin continued to sail merchant vessels after his triumphs. He was able to earn back the money he had lost, plus enough to buy a new ship for himself, the Sea Nymph. As of this writing (1265 NE), the 263 year old dwarf is still sailing the high seas. Beradin also recently visited Den Tharum to see about having his journals published on their ingenious printing press.

Year of Birth
1002 NE 263 Years old
Nahgrim, Uthain
Current Residence
Hinbuldor, Uthain
Dark brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
140 lbs
Owned Vehicles

Vehicle | Jul 6, 2022

The Waterwitch was the ship in which Beradin Greateye made his famous voyage from Iolera to Stritos and Usluin.

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