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The Waterwitch was the ship in which Beradin Greateye made his famous voyage from Iolera to Stritos and Usluin. It was built in one of the slips of the Southwold United Shipyards. The name of the ship came from the shipbuilders, who hoped it would charm its way through any storm.   Construction on the Waterwitch began in 1185, in Arnistino. The ship had originally been commissioned by the Company of Merchant Adventurers of Troyso for use in the coastal trade. When Beradin Greateye came to them with his exploration proposal, the newly completed Waterwitch was designated as the ship to carry the expedition.   The ship was a full-sized brig, with two eighty-foot masts, and well-armed with ballistas and mangonels. There was an upper and lower deck, plus the hold, a forecastle and a quarterdeck. The lower deck had benches for manning the sweeps when the wind failed, and the crew slept in hammocks above them. The captain's quarters were located beneath the quarterdeck, and the officer's quarters were tucked into the prow on the lower deck. The ship also boasted a cast-iron figurehead of a mermaid that was both decorative and functional as a battering ram.   The Waterwitch sailed the oceans for many years before wear and tear caught up to it. It was decommissioned in 1200 and was dismantled. The prow of the ship was displayed as a historical monument in front of the Merchant Adventurers' office in Arnistino, where it rests to this day.
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1 Jan, 2022 21:22

A lovely article! I really like the idea of the decorative battering ram, and the reason behind the ship's name. Also, this page looks really beautiful!

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2 Jan, 2022 09:46

Thank you so much! The battering ram bit I picked up from a quick Wikipedia trip, but I thought it was a nice detail to add.

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