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Writer of Tiyu Amara, and The Last Line

DragonGoal Grand Final of 38 Return

The violent showdown between the Ovük Shields and Shixiiwul Divers for the title of DragonGoal champion

2011 words

Amara Project

An organisation dedicated to uniting the distant continents of Thurásin and Abravost

1163 words

Uwin Abiiban

Head of the Amara Project, and representative for the Lawaguum state of Kkálináppuri

571 words

The Mother

Head of the Divinities, creator of the known world and its inhabitants

596 words


A terrifying predator from Nowenkayet, resembling a six limbed bear with a camel's head

540 words

Vosti Civil War

The most recent open conflict in Abravost, between the Vosti Empire and a coalition of rebellious northerners and surrounding republics

1644 words


The largest of the four Laslin cities

1385 words

Yllas Duphendri

The Lady of the Old Central Lighthouse of Vilaen

449 words

Current of the World

The force that tugs all things towards the void at the edge of the world

479 words

Ninian X

Sovereign of Balkehir

538 words

Zoivas I

Current king of Dätsalöl, renowned for his timid demeanour and pacifist policies

645 words

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Nobinary | They/Them | 23
Howdy! I'm an Aussie nerd with a Bachelor of Arts and a whole lot of spare time to worldbuild! I've got a particular passion for fantasy politics, so many of my stories lean heavily on that sort of thing, haha! I'm rather bad at talking and shy about my work, but I hope you enjoy the things I do publish! <3

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The Seven Tomes

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