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Rehenian Commonwealth

Finally free of those who once taxed us to no end and sent our youth to die in fruitless wars or against rebels justified in their cause. Now we can set our sights on those isles of our infested by an enemy that the exalted ones had failed to purge.
— Ilídai Anbléthil, Lord Protector of the Commonwealth
  The Rehenian Commonwealth is a young military dictatorship that advocates for the rights of all Rehenians, regardless of whether they’re within the Commonwealth’s own borders or beyond. Before they had established the commonwealth, the inhabitants of the Commonwealth lived in Uildilín, a neglected and mismanaged province of the Exalted Republic of Helendriel and the Sehenian People. The Uildilíners grew disillusioned with how things were going, especially as their government kept ignoring their needs.   Eventually, the realm became embroiled in a war against the Republic of Vivernia and, as soon as the Uildilíners sensed an opportunity, they took up arms to rid their land of Sehenian rule.  


Free and fair elections will come, but in order to achieve such freedoms, we must first secure our borders and ensure that our people have a reliable system they can trust in. All of us serve this bold and proud country is some way or another and such service will be rewarded in due time with freedoms unimaginable in the old ‘republic’ that we have fought and bled to rid ourselves of.
— Ilídai Anbléthil, Lord Protector of the Commonwealth
  When the Commonwealth established its independence, one of the first promises from their temporary government was the establishment of free and fair elections. Every man and women above the age of 25 was meant to have the right to vote for their own representatives in government. Despite said promises, the nation is still a dictatorship under the rule of the military government. The Uildilín Liberation War ended 12 years ago, yet there are still many who hope in their hearts that a democracy will one day flourish.  

Lord Protector

The fate of the country and its lies in the hand of Ilídai Anbléthil, the Lord Protector of the Rehenian Commonwealth. As the commander of armed forces and the man who secured the Commonwealth’s independence, Anbléthil has the respect of his people, but that trust in him is fading.   Whispers of discontent have been allowed to spread without government interference for now, but tales of people disappearing have begun to spread. No one knows for sure whether such stories are true or if they’re simply spread to brew unrest.

Diplomatic Relations

The existence of this new state provides with excellent opportunities to exert our influence in the region. With the Rehenians as our allies in future wars, victories seem all but certain.   Just make sure their ambitions are kept in check.
— Lucca Capahha, Union Speaker of the Republic of Vivernia
  Since the founding of the Commonwealth, the country has done all it could to maintain amiable relations with both the Republic of Vivernia and the Kingdom of Enliten. Those two states were obvious allies to counter Helendriel and ensure the Commonwealth’s security. Efforts have also been made to establish stronger relations with the various countries on the Stone Shore. Attempts at forging alliances have proved unfruitful so far, but the Commonwealth has at least managed to secure several mutually beneficial trade deals in the region.    

Enemy of the Enemy

Vivernia’s decisive victory against the armies of Helendriel during the early months of the Máranelisian War gave the Uildilíners the confidence they needed to fight for their own freedom. As soon as independence had been achieved, emissaries were sent forth to the Republic of Vivernia with gifts and offers of cooperation.   The two countries developed into steadfast allies in all but a few years, further strengthening realms against the already battered forces of the Exalted Republic.   Relations with the Kingdom of Enliten weren't as easy to establish. The young kingdom was still in its early stages of growth and wished to remain isolationist for the time being in order to deal with their own internal development. The two countries had finally agreed to sign an important pact in 1564 to ensure mutual military aid in defensive wars and allow for the passage of Enlitian merchant vessels through the Commonwealth's waters so that they could sail from Valskaen to the Stone Shore safely.
Founding Date
Ailelpēh 5, 1552 AA
Geopolitical, Country
Rehenian or Uildilíner
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Official State Religion
Official Languages
Related Ethnicities

Land area
7,222 mi²


Active Personnel
1.5% of Pop.
Active Units
1st Rehenian Army
General Manpower Units
Ilídai Anbléthil 2,994 20
Name Type Tier
Archers LA Veteran
Archers LA Veteran
Archers LA Trained
Archers LA Trained
Light Infantry LI Veteran
Light Infantry LI Veteran
Light Infantry LI Veteran
Light Infantry LI Trained
Light Infantry LI Trained
Heavy Infantry HI Trained
Heavy Infantry HI Trained
Light Cavalry LC Veteran
Light Cavalry LC Trained
Pikemen PM Trained
Pikemen PM Trained
Medics ME Veteran
Medics ME Veteran
Logistics SP Trained
Battlemages BM Elite
Battlemages BM Elite

2nd Rehenian Army
General Manpower Units
Oldirán Galati 822 6
Name Type Tier
Archers LA Veteran
Archers LA Trained
Heavy Infantry HI Elite
Heavy Infantry HI Trained
Medics ME Trained
Battlemages BM Veteran

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Character flag image: Flag of the Rehenian Commonwealth by Dhelian


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