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Cahli Ravenswood

The Lost Daughter of Neklian

Cahli Telia Ravenswood

Cahli Ravenswood was a well-beloved figure in Neklian as the daughter of Leena Ravenswood and the niece of Isadore Ravenswood, the Refined Servant of Neklian.   Cahli and her father were very close with Isadore and were part of the Court of Isadore. She mysteriously vanished along with the rest of the court in 1396 ADF.  
Losing a parent at such a young age is tragic; you only get to know them through other people's stories.   Cahli never stopped missing her mother, even if she had no memories of her. We are both less without Leena. She was a wonderful woman whom we lost far too early.
Vinse Ravenswood, Cahli's father


Cahli was born on a bright and sunny day in the spring of 1376 ADF. She was a cute but albeit quite small newborn with short and unruly black hair on her head. She was the first child and only of Leena Ravenswood and Vinse and also the first grandchild to the Refined Servant Cherami Ravenswood.  

Death of her mother

Sadly, shortly after Cahli's 1st birthday, her mother passed away. Leena Ravenswood died due to an accidental fall from a third-story window in the Ravenswood Home in Neklian. Due to this, Cahli doesn't have any actual memories of her mother, but she's been told so many stories about her, that she sometimes feels like she knew her for years during her childhood.   Cahli's father Vinse raised her, with help from Isadore Ravenswood (Cahli's uncle), Cherami Ravenswood (Cahli's Grandmother) and Amil Ravenswood (Cahli's grandfather.) Vinse's own family resided in Estratoft and barely saw Cahli during her childhood.  


If you were to ask those closest to Cahli to describe her with few words, they might just come up with descriptors such as: full of life, cunning, kind and resilient. She's always been quick-witted, even as a child she would retort with clever remarks to something adults said to her. Her humor was a favourite of the court, and she would entertain guests for hours with her funny joke and interesting takes on the world around her.  

Withdrawal from the world

However, she also had a very quiet and somber side to her. From around the age of 10 and up until her disappearance, she had periods where she would suddenly disappear from most social events.
  She would avoid most people, other than her close family. These periods could last anywhere from a week to several months.   Cahli's father and uncle were the ones she'd have the most contact with in these periods. They saw this behaviour as being her way of grieving her mother and the time she needed for pondering what could be. Whenever she returned to the social events again, she would be her usual talkative self.

The Disappearance

In 1396 ADF, Cahli disappeared alongside Isadore and the rest of his court. It was following a ball in The Glittering Ballroom, where they were ambushed by a Spirit Fae and transported through two different portals and dumped north of Ashilder.   When the group woke up, they had no idea where they were. They did their best to survive, but during the first winter Cahli, Vinse and 12 others from the group got very sick. Cahli was nursed back to health, but sadly, her father died.  

Back to civilisation

After just over 3,5 years in the vast outdoors, the group found their way to Vatnsil. Cahli lived with Isadore and a small group of their closest friends from the court, in a house they acquired by selling many of the valuable items they'd had with them.  

A new social life

Through engaging with the city's secret magic community, Isadore and Cahli formed many relations. Cahli herself hadn't inherited her mother's Fae Mark and had no magic abilities of her own, but most Neklians were very open and welcomed magic into their society. Isadore himself had a Earth Mark and so the two were easily accepted into the underground community of magic users and their families.  

Settling down

Cahli met her future husband through these new relations, who had a Light Mark. The two married a few years after meeting and settled down in the house with Isadore. Cahli and her husband Anse Ravenswood had 3 children together: One girl and two boys. The youngest boy was named after Isadore to honour him, since he had sadly passed away before Cahli gave birth.   Cahli and her husband were well-beloved by their community and family. At the time of her death at age 73, she had amassed so many friends that the venue that hosted her funeral couldn't fit all those who wished to attend. She was buried next to Isadore, and her husband was buried under the same stone when he died 5 years later.


Isadore Ravenswood

Uncle (Vital)

Towards Cahli Ravenswood



Cahli Ravenswood

Niece (Vital)

Towards Isadore Ravenswood



1376 ADF 1449 ADF 73 years old
Place of Death
Year of Disappearance
1396 ADF (age 20)

Isadore Ravenswood
Character | Dec 20, 2023

The last Refined Servant of Neklian, vanished mysteriously with his entire court.


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